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25th August Gotopless Day, let’s support it!!!

Well i live in Asia and not in Europe so the success of this topless equality organization will not affect me and my society or if it failed yup maybe little bit upset but i still and will support this action, why ? this is my reason.

Both of us have breast, a male breast and female breast yet only female breast are obscene i just don’t get it why we must have a different legal system based on the gender because Both male and female are human being, we are equal. for me personally it’s unfair. also it’s weird you know when i saw that a very little girl with flat chest must covered their top whereas a guy with a moobs or guy with big chest are very very free to topless at public. Both of us have breast , have nipples , covered by similar skin yet only women breast are obscene. Yes most of women’s breast are bigger in size but i don’t think that we must based it on sized, it’s like both of us have genitalia, men have penis and women have vagina but only penis are obscene because their genitalia are bigger than vagina, it’s not like that rights? so i don’t agree if we choose what must be obscene based on size or gender.

The second reason that i always hear from society are women can get raped if they topless, i personally don’t think this is a valid idea, Maybe men can get horny by breast but men can and have an ability to control their desire from doing sexual assault to women, so it more depend on men’s perception. Also men easily get horny because most of the culture forbid women to topless, the more it covered the more it become captivating when it come to revealed. In Europe there’s some placed where women are free to topless, and from what i know sexual harrasment is very rare there or the sexual crime was not bigger than the placed that forbid women to topless . So it’s become normal there just like women see men bare chest.

The third reason that i always hear from people that don’t agree with topless equality were it’s objectified women, it’s degrading women. Well I don’t think to have a true equality where both men and women can see each other‘s top at public are degrading to only women. This kind of thought that topless women are degrading women or women that did that are immoral are just indoctrination that we all get from childhood plus the perception by our society that this double standard can’t be questioned anymore and everybody who dare to questioned it are immoral moron (which now i don’t agree and don’t really care what society will think about my view).

Also why i support this topless equality because i have tired of double standard perception from my society like a women that even still covered her breast at public but little bit sexy are count by my society as ‘degrading women’ or ‘men objectified women’ but if the situation reverse even a men can more exposed their body like often bare chest or using only underwear and are okay by my society. The worse were once I watched a public television that show a documentary about a tribe where only the men are naked and uncensored so i saw a bunch of penis uncensored on legal tv and if the situation reverse even a women in bikini are censored by my media that’s why this double standard really really pissed me off!. To be honest i’m more likely to choose both of them censored equally.

That’s all, So i hope stranger that accidentally read this article can help to spread this article and feel free for it.

almost same rights?


So support and for TRUE EQUALITY


THX for reading, spread this message

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Clarified Samsung article, tech that can suck dick

Okey folks i edited this article because now there’s a little bit confusion on me whether this information true or not. For you that don’t know, it’s about a news that i saw on youtube about a launching on samsung new tech that can suck dick and only for guy. At first i personally thinks this was sexism but this news itself was unclear for me true or fake jokes so i decided to edit this article because my article at first talk my view based on ‘if this news are true’. Anyway i admit as a human i’m to rush to make article.

So my conclusion are Samsung was not sexist but this joke itself are still sexist ! because that video about dick sucking tech get many positif respond and seen as prank. I have no sense of humor? No i have senses of humor but if a sex jokes that i saw were always and always about male organ yes i get pissed off because it’s unfair. also i know more people will easily get fired if the jokes was about pussy tech. Thx for reading!

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