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Hejab or Burqa = More Fanatic Form of Sex Negative Feminist

I know this topic is scandalizes as it sound, and probably my pro free the nipple friend upset why I wrote like this (because I know somehow even if you support free the nipple, you support muslim at the same time). I want to point out from male perspective how hejab is unfair to men too, give you insight why half population still believe it’s “womenrights”, and why this is not about banning rights to wear. I know it unfair to women side too-which I often hear from sex positive feminist, and I’m not denying- that just want to add from other perspective. So please let me talk openly in here. I just want to be myself, and speak what I thought important (and since this topic is not mainstream, I’m PROUD to be the first who point out this).

Before start I understand also about how men-who-pro-hijab-mentality act, this men forced women what to wear-I get it, and also they “help” to create culture that unfair to men too actually.

Do you ever wonder why even after Westerner Atheist point out why “Muslim holy book” is not compatible for women rights, it’s look like the argument didn’t affect them? there’s still numerous of women come to Islam (beside their born there)? why is it there’s even many women claim it’s for women rights? I will not said my background but I know very well what ladies-pro-hijab mentality look like. So by just saying “women must covered is misogyny”, is not enough (maybe only Westerner that get it but not hejab girl (hejabi) itself). you must understand how hijab girl perceived (I’m not said I know everything but pretty sure this speculation is mostly true-I have observed it for long time).

It is because pro hejab girl, or muslim women itself have a mentality of sex-negative-feminist. Basically think female bodies have more “dignity” than male bodies, dislike men can see women bodies at public-perceived it degrading (more worse every skin of female bodies want to be considered “inappropriate” if men see it), yet at the same time dislike if she get the equal reverse situation treatment (dislike if women prohibited seeing male bodies at public or if it count as inappropriate). So “Muslim holy book” is very compatible with them (even in Quran the double standard dresscode is more contrast) so they see this as an advantage for women. They more think it’s “good” since the double standard ideology is easy to considered normal in the name of religion- like in Middle East society (they like this), and this is religion so it will make people afraid to questioned it, and also the cumpolsary in Islam to spread their believe (syari’a) include this unfair dresscode rule (which make more easy to spread this hejabi believe) this explain why this typical women view this as “womensrights”. In addition this mentality is brought to sex also where usually most of the time it’s male bodies more exploited while female one more less exploited like: the hijabi can have their sex fantasy exploiting male anatomy until the maximum one (blowjob brutal cum fantasy-tasting with mouth) while the men (lesser exploiting her) even just touching her still lesser than when this hijabi taste him + often she full clothes (Hijab / Burqa) after hijabi get her fantasy of exploiting men while her “dignity” is “protected”, mainstream still said they “sacrifice” for men (what a Bullshit) but hejabi like it. and in their sex culture mostly status quo like this. They love this “dignity win” concept & they think they-female Win, that’s the reason they try to spread their believe to create ‘Its only objectification/ sexism if Men see/ touch it’ culture because they think all women win if like that- Like sex-negative-feminist but the more hardcore one. This is the only one that they really concerned that’s the reason they don’t care about 9 years old girl married, don’t care of honor killing for women, don’t care when women must sit behind men, don’t care when other women get acid in her face, don’t care four wives, and don’t care female genital mutilation (banned male genital mutilation too by the way) etc.

I disagree when this hardcore muslimah (female) try to forced their rule, and believe to everybody- especially when it’s about: men seeing female hair or leg at public is considered “porn”, “objectification”, & “degrade” women, even if it just at public beach (not even her husband can see it), while women okay to see men with underwear at beach (even if it not her husband), this is not a great equality I think. They tend & bold to complaining even for smallest little thing to public mainstream like demanding women who already full clothes to wear more wider clothes because they hate that men can still see women curved (yet silence when in same society men peeing uncovered at public-which is more worse). After this so called “good muslimah girl” watching Magic Mike at movie (looking at hot shirtless men) they come out to complain about “how only women are objectified, and degraded”, again mainstream just easily listen to them because of what’s called political correctness especially in the name of religion + sex negative feminist…

Yup, I know there’s sex positive women who think that if women must covered at public, and never get oral pleasure is unfair too-I understand that. I wrote this specifically to pro hejab girl, and sex negative feminist … believe me this kind of people will easily understand when I wrote like this, maybe Europe people difficult to get it since by default they never experience this + already open to nudity (so couldn’t see from this perception).

Last, I understand that their “holy book” have unfairness towards female side too which already speak often, and often again, I not denying that but nether less I want people to understand from my point of view too-that unfairness happen to both sexes in Quran, and I point out how it unfair from men perspective especially from my personal view. I support women’s rights what to wear or not to wear at public (what I mentioned is the double standard apply by mainstream which create unfairness in most middle east), and ideology of ‘unfair dresscode were everybody must submit’ is different from female rights to wear, please differentiate that. I didn’t want to against Muslim or something like that- this just point out the reason what I disagree on Mid-East culture, and it’s my rights to exercise my freedom of speech.

Hijab turkey 24417 wp

Hejab Sexist to both Sexes 25a17




Cunnilingus Class – Key and Peele (Central Comedy)

Guy i also want to raise awareness of oral sex equality, why always women can go down? why always men get head? Key & Peele teaching you a best lesson that you never forget at Cunnilingus Class

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Support Equality in Porn

I just made a small experiment, i choosed randomly about 35 videos of oral sex from one porn website and i seperated it into 3 main group : blowjob only, Cunnilingus only and draw (like 69), so the result were:

blowjob only : 21
cunnilingus only : 8 by MEN not lesbi
fair game : 6

And i calculated it to a percent and the result is blowjob scene get the highest percent 60%, cunnlingus by men 22,8%, draw 17,1%. The ratio between cunnlingus and blowjob are 1:2,6.

From my small experiment i found the different between Bj and Cunni (not lesbi) where high enough don’t you think this is sexist? I mean sure some people will says it’s nature or it can’t be 100% equal, okay but social construct affect too the gender role in sex & i still don’t think if the different is high enough (where bj 60% and cunni 22,8%)are equal that’s still sexist, how can it be fair if only men get oral pleasure, how can it be fair if only women have rights to taste opposite sex’s genitalia and men give out something too. Cunnilingus have great sensation too and it’s not difficult to play “fair game”. If there are bj and cunni in one scene even if can’t be 100% equal i still can accept it than only bj scene that i always saw before…because i’m tired whenever i watch porn it’s always about blowjob fantasy, SUPPORT EQUALITY IN PORN!!!!

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Burqa Effect : Cut Off men’s Penis, Get Salute By Most People

So I read an article about a burqa girl that cut off his boyfriend penis , before i tell you my opinion here is the short chronology : a burqa girl (22) lets called it “N” met this boy(21) lets called it “A” from a missed call 4 month ago then both of them started to chat each other by phone. ‘A’ which she never meet before ask whether she want to meet with him and this girl finally agree after many time cancelled it. They meet at universitiy where N still new with this area, afterthat A brought her using motorcycle circle that area then stopped at Mosque. So here A asked to have sex with N okey afterhat you know both of them having sex in the toilet before it get climax they both catched red handed by people around that mosque, afraid the rage of people around there they went out from mosque then with motorcycle they search another place to finish their “making Love”. So as you know they found the place, did it, then get climax. Then he said to this girl “you are not virgin anymore” this make her upset. Then they both eat together at 4 o’clock in the morning before went home she asked A to show his penis when she get a chance she cut off A’s penis.

Okey after read the chronology we all know that this is NOT rape because if it is rape this burqa women will try to escape even avoid from this men. I mean she have many chance to escape or avoid, she can cancelled easily from meeting a stranger men (if she go she know the risk) , the important point when both of them catched redhanded making love by people around Mosque if it was really rape why she doesn’t try to asked for help? It was a gold chance. She didn’t try to escape at all , This SHOW that this burqa women also want to do sex with this men (at first). Even when this men used motorcycle to brought her to another place, once again if she didn’t want sex she still have chance to escape but she try nothing. Afterthat both of them continue to make sex at new place until climax, This clearly show you this burqa women want sex! But what make her change her mind because this women was sensitive and when her boyfriend tell her that she was not virgin anymore she get angry. So at first she want to do sex with him maybe a little bit shy but because she was sensitive after they finished making love what her boyfriend said make her change her mind and then she cut off his penis. My conclusion is both of them have a mistake , for this women her false was : if she didn’t want sex don’t do it at all ! she have a chance to avoid or escape, if she have did it because she want don’t cut her boyfriend’s penis just because you change your mind! . and the men also wrong because he try to make love to women he even never meet.

But what piss me off because many comment from that article that judge the men was 100 % wrong or comment that salute to this women that cut off her boyfriend penis. This is a burqa effect Like:

“I’m salute to this burqa women ,this will make afraid all sex offender!”
“Tommorrow must have a law to cut men’s penis that rape women”

First they didn’t know the actual chronology but they sure that 100% only the men that are wrong even think that he are rapist and okey let assume if 100 percent the men are wrong but still i don’t agree to make a law to cut men’s penis because it means to legalize male sexual mutilation, sure real rapist must get punishment but not cut penis because it’s too overdosis for me and it’s also horrible if the men finally proven not wrong but the penis already cut off! It can’t comeback! Here’s another comment :

“what N did was rights she defend her dignity” LOL

She cleary want to do sex but change her mind after she finish and you defend her because you think he was a rapist ? she want sex she feel his masculinity then change her mind cut his penis , and people started to salute her act,WTF!

Even worse i found many article that shorted the real chronology so that it looked like the men are 100 percent wrong!!!! And the criminology from major college (AM) said

“she just try to defend herself, she must be free from punishment, it’s not criminal at all”
“it just revenged, it will be criminal if you have plan and do it over and over again”

BITCH!!!! She doesn’t know what actually happened and with confidence said like that?!
I repeat for the last time in this case this was not a rape case but a burqa girl that changed her mind after sex! Even if it is real rape what this burqa girl did (cut off penis) was wrong it was CRIMINAL !!!
It was revenged..OooOO HOHHo then let her free make love with other men cut off other men’s penis if she change her mind and all people especially bigot will defend her because of her burqa.

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My Short Conclusion about Muslim Porn

From my experience watching all kind of porn , especially observing Muslim hijab porn i come to conclusion about this type of porn. This is not racist nor other kind of that but this is fact plus my personal opinion. Muslim porn is the most sexist porn that i have ever watched , i don’t say other porn free from sexism but this is number one most sexist sex on my scale. Everytime you open hijab porn 99,99% you will find men nude, women in hijab with complete clothes or at least semi naked , blowjob close up, men cum, END ! and in hijab porn they 99,99% never do cunnilingus-which is my favourite. So this is HIGHHHHHHH double standard you know. The hijab women see and taste men’s vital part until ‘blow out’ and then see and taste again-if you know what i mean. In reverse situation muslim men do nothing only see little sexiness of hijab women, little touch to her to make HIM horny (you see the more women hidden their body make men more horny when it come to show it so hijab is good for making men more horny). For me personally men’s more objectified in this kind of porn because hijabi often & more ‘plays’ with penis than viceversa in sex but the worse is their society claim only women that are always objectified by men. Yeahh so in Muslim mind a men sees women in bikini is degrading women but their women always see and taste ‘bird’ in porn also the only one they did in sex, they never said.


kisses down low

From Kelly Rowland with love kisses down low . Great song, Excellence Message

“it sad that men can talk bout sex all the time, but when a women does, shes a slut bitches!! This 2013 fix your live”  Abz Abdulwahid

“pussy eating song… nice”  conebit3

#equality  message of oral sex

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Just Saying

today something interested me, i saw a headline tittle from newspaper that was written in big bold . its wrote “highschool girl forced to do oral sex” ,yeahh i just wish rape never exist . but it’s funny to know a good newspaper dare to wrote such headline in the first place ,for me it sound like “highschool girl forced to do blowjob”. i know if a group want to jokes about porn it’s their bussiness BUT this is for public there was a kid who can read this and this kind of headine can offended some people , for me personally i feel uncomfortable because if you read my previous article about ‘sexist sex’ you’ll know why i feel uncomfort – it’s difficult to explain but i feel shame because most men have no shame and feel sorry for the victim also the rapist .

here is the link to sexist sex Unabalance Oral Sex

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Hijab? Still Sexist

I have read an article about hijab from Muslim or hijab women, most of an article is about  how hijab is not sexist (for them), or women’s clothes other than hijab is false. So here is some of the list from pro hijab that try to explain that hijab is not sexist;

Number 1, ‘men and women are different so there must be a different standard,if we want women just to be treated as men there would be no gynecologist since this is sexist’ or ‘’having urinals in a male bathroom and not having them in female bathroom is not sexism right? It represents the different abilities of the urinary tracts of the genders so same about hijab too”

Hmmm if you said gynecologist is only for women and it is not sexist , i agree women can pregnant not a men it’s natural to have gynecologist only for women, BUT the idea that this kind of excuse prove that hijab is not sexist too is RIDICULOUS !! what’s natural when a women must always in full covered even a face or hair? It’s not the same like women pregnant and men not or other example that you use . it different !!

If you want to said men can easily get horny i agree but the assumption that men can’t control themselves so a women must covered her body except face  is once again ridiculous. There was a certain place in Europe where women can legally bare chest  and never heard women get molested or rape because of this. So men have abilities to control themselves just like women see men bodies.

Number 2, is the world sexist because of practice hijab ,or are practice of hijab in place because the world is sexist?

My answer is the world sexist because of practice hijab, next.

Number 3, if women take off their hijab and show their hair , it’s the same like you take your bra or underwear off – this was from hijab women

WHAT?! Are you Fucking Kidding Me?

It’s only a hair !

So men will get to jailed when he touch your hair just because you think he touch your boobs?

This is how women that are partaking in hijab is Sexist , if men see fanatic hijab women’s hair or maybe her arm , she will think that to be equal she must see that men’s chest or maybe even penis because she thinks her bodies is too precious to watch.

Number 4, it’s mentioned in the Holyyyy Qur’an , it’s the words of GOD –i also read women that refuse to wear hijab can go to hell

Till nowadays There’s no proof that God’s exist, there’s no Valid evidence about it. If there is , it just a pseudoscience  and a fatwa from a delusional ustazd that think there’s a superpower person on the sky that tell women to covered themself or they will burn in hell.

Hmm God will burn you forever just because you don’t wear hijab ? so what’s different between God and Evil? So There’s no God folks, don’t be a slave to a men who use ancient texts to rule over you, FREE YOURSELF !!

Number 5, hijab is not a male domination , fashion it is because it make women spend billion of dollar to look skinny and anorexic and live by standard of fashion designed by men

Fashion true can make an adolesence  girl become skinny and anorexic and i don’t agree they must be skinny also i think most men don’t like  a thin women , men usually like a women with chubbiness you know? but this doesn’t mean hijab is not sexist. It’s like when you are wrong then you just pointed to other people’s false and you think that you’re right No you are still wrong and just seek other person’s wrong.

Number 6,” it’s not enough just using education or good system to prevent rape ,women must wear hijab “ then this men show a kind of long boring statistic on his blog that show how many percent women get rape or molested in Canada and he said that the high percentage of women getting raped because they’re not using hijab

how do you think that hijab make men don’t think dirty? a good men will not molested or rape a women even when she is naked ,  A bad men with dirty mind can still get horny by hijab, they think it’s like porn fantasy with hijab get it? So if you think to prevent women from being molested or rape is to covered them then you are WRONG ASSHOLES!!! Also funny to believe that  women need to use hijab all the time just to prevent rape , many example of women wear a free dressed they didn’t get rape right?

So if you think western is bad here is a comment that i get from other blog “ abuse women is very widely reported to take place in public places in Egypt, this include women wearing hijab, violence against women is also widely reported in Pakistan where there’s a shocking number of acid attack each year, Nujood Ali from Yemen , age 10 and divorced so this poor girl is not considered as victim in that society because she has married and it’s legal in Yemen, the latest was Ana Lama five years old who was rape, torture and murder by her cleric father”  well this enough to proof that crime committed by Muslim no less than by non Muslim . west are not perfect but hijab is also Sexissstt.

Number 7, you must have faith that Allah comand women to wear hijab.

FAITH is an incompatible word to me because you know i’m an atheist , there’s no valid evidence also even if it true that it’s God comand, still i will decide what is right things for me and what is not.

Number 8, we are not forced to wear hijab but it’s our choice / it’s women’s rights and dignity, it empowered women / why we must expose our body? We are not property  / It’s male dominated society that want women to remove our hijab – this is the common excuse from hijab women

This is my point of view  , if the situations is hijab is just a fashion , women are free to decide whether they want to wear it or not , or maybe sometimes they use it and  sometime they’re not ,and no judgement from society that hijab women are better then non hijab then it’s not sexist

But if women have no freedom to choose and they must become a tend  also it’s forbidden and immoral for men to see women bodies whereas it’s okay for women to see men bodies , then it is sexist .


So i think equality mean to be treated fairly. women free to choose what they want to wear and men have rights too to see women bodies without judge as immoral. LIKE it and SHARED it Bro also the previous’s recommended






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Sexist Sex

So i have already watch porn  for the last eight years ,  the same years when Joseph Alosius Ratzinger was chosen as a Pope Benediktus XVI and now resign as a Pope but fortunately i think i will not resign too from watching a porn .

Anyway from my long experience of watching porn something interested me and i think you all already know about it . so 90% of porn that i watch is all always and always about nude women andddd Dick Sucking, right? EVERY time i watch blue film from Europe, latin , Africa  Especially Asia and Middle East it ALWAYS about a men’s orgasm , women roles that only to pleasure a men and, women go down for men and so on. Even it’s very easy to find all blowjob fantasies in porn but when the situation reverse is hard to find the opposite one, So my question is WHERE’S THE CUNNILINGUS GONE ?! not a girl with a girl but men that perform oral sex on women  . You know because there is a men who love to go down for their women or women that are happy to get this kind of pleasure and men that want to see that kind of porn like ME. To be honest fellatio make me so Horny no doubt about it BUT i think it’s unfair if everytime you watch porn is all about fellatio,fellatio and fellatio again , it’s unfair if only women that have rights to go down to taste to make their lover orgasm , it’s unfair if only men that gets the pleasure. cunnilingus have a great sensation too for men and women and there’s nothing insulting  about cunnilingus.

And then about my society and feminism in my society’s view about PORNNN , so most of Asia feminism said that porn is degrading only women and ruined women’s dignity  , most of people in my society believe in it because in porn you can see nude women so they think it’s only harrasment for women BUT they forgot there’s always blowjob scene on that porn , i mean if this people count nude women as sexist how come they don’t count men’s cock that are suck till orgasm in most porn do as sexist  too? This is SEXIST . It’s like if there are many picture of sexy women in bikini and between that picture there’s about 2 or 3 picture of naked men so actually the picture of naked men is porn right? because it show a penis but according to Asia’s feminism logic the picture of naked men is not porn, they don’t care but the picture of sexy women is porn for them because it show many women in bikini  so they come to conclusion that this picture is sexist to women and degrading women only yeaah it’s like that, this kind of thinking is selfish. So this is whhyyy i don’t really like double standard from my society. Sadly most people agree with feminism think about porn.

Don’t take this in a wrong way i’m not antifeminism ,  i support both men and women’s rights too. There’s some opinion from feminism that i agree and not agree.

Like It and comment on it , i appreciate it


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