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1 Reason To Support Free The Nipple: Breastfeeding

People who against us will said something like “you can go to nursing room”, even if for example people who are strongly against us- no matter how much they create the nursing room because they are afraid to see breast, there still exist a time, a place where mom need to breastfeed at public, and it’s not your rights to forced mom to hide herself when breastfeeding even if there’s a nursing room at that place.

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Raising Awareness Week : Cunnilingus For Equality

Respect for this girl actress who are okay for performing scene of guy going down on her (Momotaro69 feel grateful!), and also respect for this dude.

Remember Men want to go down too for their ladies! Women want get head from guy too!


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Phoenix Go Topless 2016

I’m late about this Go Topless 2016, this video is for celebrating it.

Although I personally think this double standard law is made not only by men but women too-the prudish & sex negative one

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Bare Chested Bike Ride Free The Nipple

Thank You Chelsea Covington for your effort to raise awareness of true equality #FreeTheNipple

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The Tempest

Click link above to watch video

Love the brave and courage of this female, for nude in pure form at public, in a non sexual context, since most of the time it is about male nudity at public or media that’s more tolerated, since most of the time female are more covered in public, since most of the time always female nudity that be seen as offensive, and be taken seriously.

The Tempest actress try to change the negative perception of female bodies. My respect to Topless Pulp Fiction.

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Maryamnamazie Speech on Nudity, Free The Nipple & Body Equality

Maryamnamazie mentioned FREETHENIPPLE A.K.A TOPLESS EQUALITY during speech ūüėÄ

We need more people like Maryamnamazie who have courage to stand up, talk, and counter the idea of shaming female body only, double standards & oppression towards women. The most important is equality for both gender.

If we silence, it will become more comfortable for people who dislike equality, to spread and maintenance their sexist idea. If it become normal, people in society will insensitive towards inequality and just follow it since it already become part of their culture where majority of people apply it, understand? if sexism is seen as normal it will take more effort and energy to fight than before.

Long Live Equality

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perception of born and die

before you born you were an angel¬†. your mom take care of you carefully when you were an embrio in her stomach¬†, she eat a food with high nutrition for you¬†, sing a mozzart song for you , your dad prepare¬†the best¬†baby needs for you , start to choose a school , prepare investation for your future. both of your parents preparing ¬†a very good name for you¬†because they¬†wish you become a ‘somebody’ . your parent are very passionate, Day by day they patiently wait for you to born. when you come to this world¬†it¬†was a very great news, your parent give a hundred thanks to God ,¬†your big family are happy , friends congrazt your parents. your mom stop working because¬†she wants to take care for you and it’s like the best day for your parent¬†, you are an angel treated like a king by your society , loved and respected , happy moment and so on¬†.

Then one day your journey in this world will end when you¬†die. at first your family and closed friend are very sad because of your passed except your parent because they usually go before you , so they know nothing.¬†your family and friend¬†come to the funeral home to give you the last respect but most of them afraid to see your corpse. crowded or not it depends on your money. but this sadness will last only for three to five days then your relatives will not see your physical body forever . slowly but surely you will be forgotten , maybe your dippressed son or daughter tell¬†they feeling to other and that anymous will say ” stop saying that shit, s/he already died. passed will always be passed¬†forget it and move on!” yes live person doesn’t like to talk about dead people , it’s like something bad luck . If you are an avarage person you will be fastly forgotten, ¬†nobody know or¬†care about you anymore , your family believe your soul already go to heaven where you actually just rotten six feet under the ground¬†.nobody will remember you, except if you are famous great person or dumbass motherfucker assholes who always make a¬†trouble or if you died in a silly and stupid way.

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