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Europe & West Even The Rest Need To Put Freedom Of Speech As Basic Rule For Humanrights





The rest I personally agree with Greet Wilder, we need be aware of fanatic religious group AND DEFEND OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH! DON’T BE FOOLED BY NAIVE JOURNALIST THAT TELL U TO TOLERANCE THE INTOLERANCE! #LongLiveFreedomOfSpeech

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Hijab- Big Deal Over Ridiculous Reasons

She Actually Already Dressed Very Mannerly But Still Become A Big Deal In Muslim Country Whereas The Male Can Even Wear Underwear Only At Public (Beach), That’s Contrast Double Standard

Where’s The Logic In Iran:
Women Bad Hijab (Actually Dressed Properly Full Covered) >> Make Muslim Society Get Mad
If Women Don’t Wear Hijab ( But Still Dressed Mannerly) >> Make Muslim More Mad
If Women Dare To Show Cleveage At Public (Still Dressed In Manner) >> Make Muslim Very Angry & Maddd
If Women Dare To Wear Bra At Public (Hei Still Covered Private Part) >> Make Muslim Loose Their Shit + Punishment

But If Situation Reverse, Even If More Worse Men wearing Underwear Only At Public (Beach)(Show Nipple, No Jeans) >>> Muslim Respond FINE #SexismFound

That’s Why It’s Bad If We Just Keep Silent And Tolerated The Intolerance And Sexist Ideology..They Can Make A Big “Sexist” Deal Over A Ridiculous Reasons. See Here To Know How Great Propaganda is

I Hope We’ll Not Silence, Have Courage To Said What We Think Before It Too Late #LongLiveFreedomOfSpeech

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Rape Histeria USA – not so Valid

Raped is bad, I admit

But if some Muslim claim that USA are worst than Hijab society because of what women were wearing i disagree, Yeahh some Muslim fanatic will love to show statistic of how bad American women sexually assaulted by men

but don’t forget that statistic are biased because the methodology are made by hmm how must i say.. I don’t generalized all USA feminist but some radical feminist make a wrong statement about rape in USA that went to mainstream.

This above video are the prove

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My Short Conclusion about Muslim Porn

From my experience watching all kind of porn , especially observing Muslim hijab porn i come to conclusion about this type of porn. This is not racist nor other kind of that but this is fact plus my personal opinion. Muslim porn is the most sexist porn that i have ever watched , i don’t say other porn free from sexism but this is number one most sexist sex on my scale. Everytime you open hijab porn 99,99% you will find men nude, women in hijab with complete clothes or at least semi naked , blowjob close up, men cum, END ! and in hijab porn they 99,99% never do cunnilingus-which is my favourite. So this is HIGHHHHHHH double standard you know. The hijab women see and taste men’s vital part until ‘blow out’ and then see and taste again-if you know what i mean. In reverse situation muslim men do nothing only see little sexiness of hijab women, little touch to her to make HIM horny (you see the more women hidden their body make men more horny when it come to show it so hijab is good for making men more horny). For me personally men’s more objectified in this kind of porn because hijabi often & more ‘plays’ with penis than viceversa in sex but the worse is their society claim only women that are always objectified by men. Yeahh so in Muslim mind a men sees women in bikini is degrading women but their women always see and taste ‘bird’ in porn also the only one they did in sex, they never said.


Why Hijab is sexist and why it’s degrading men too

As a Black Knight – a supporter of Men issues i want to point out why hijab is sexist. but Don’t take this the wrong way this is NOT about ‘covered are sexist’ or ‘men want to objectified women’ . I will tell you how hijab ideologies are not equal for men ( well women get unfairness too by this ideologies ). So before you left a comment read my point first . First i want to point out how it is never equal:
1. High double standard : women must covered most of their body parts . Especially in Muslim country where women covered 99% of their bodies from hand, arm, leg, thigh even hair and face. Not only that i found that most of them love to use double even triple of layer, even just to covered their hair. And don’t forget hijab women wear it anywhere and every single time of their life.


But when we come to see Muslim male , they don’t have to covered strictly like their female . Most Muslim men can have same standard like Western men , even in my society Muslim men love to use only short, often shirtless. In strict Muslim society, women always forbid to wear this and that, even showing a single hair is wrong ,reverse the situation and you’ll find men are always tolerated what to wear even if sometime it is innappropriate .Which i think it is high double standard and never be equal.

2. High double standard in my society too : well not all Muslim country forced women to use burqa ,like in my society they are more free, i admit that but it still have high double standard because most women wear hijab and the women who choose not wear a scarf still wear clothes in proper manner but in reverse situation Muslim men here often shirtless, use short, pee outdoor whenever they see a tree even if many women there. That make me sick, they teach women to covered but teach men to be shameless.

Now i will point out how it’s degrading for men :

A. Double standard Perception : Muslim society believe that it is degrading for women to use sexy cloths on public , they said it is very unrespected for women to wear something sexy. so most of women covered strictly most of their body part .that means hijab women actually covered because they believe it is degrading for women if a men see their bodies right? They don’t like men to see their bodies. So my problems are, if we are equal why it is wrong for men to see women bodies whereas they are accepted to see men bodies ? yes hijab women are accepted to see men shirtless , using only short , pee in public places but they forbid men to see even only hair or arms. Hijab women feel innocent to see men bodies but feel direspected by men if the situation reverse. They said it women’s dignity, so why men not forbid women too to see men’s bodies for true equality.

B. Double standard in media : This’s my experience from my Muslim society but i can guarantee you no big different in other Muslim country. Okay my media always censored if they want to put a picture of women in bikini , they said we respect women and there’s always a penalty for media that dare to show women in bikini etc . i don’t have problem with this , my real problem are in the double standard .Why when the situation reverse they tolerated and accepted if it is a men who bare chest using short on tv ,and sometimes i saw they not censored a men using only underwear at television ( crime news for example). The worse is media always said only women are objectified not men , this really pissed me off !! men more often objectified in media yet media can only see women who are objectified

men never get violence they said

I remember when i saw a crime news where the men are stripped almost naked because he was a thief and many hijab women at there also on television no censored. I also remember a reality show showing a tribe men naked no censored too. yes you can see the penis on national Tv ! the tribe women ? fortunately in that culture only men are naked. So even it already show penis on tv, society act like nothing happened . Oh yeah because penis is male genitalia so it’s okey for them show on Tv without censored . actually this is degrading men ! but the worse is no one care. Can you imagine when the situation reverse ? society will get mad and said “it’s degrading women”or”why always women objectified?” well i say bullshit. I remember when all Muslim men gathered to forbid Lady Gaga show just because she wear sexy clothes. WTF ! can you see double standard here?!

C. Muslim always compared apropriate women bodies with innappropriate men’s bodies: I remember when most people in my society thinks women in bikini are equal with men naked , Shit ! actually if men naked they are more innapropriate than women just in bikini, but most of them feel it’s equal because of their double standard culture . i saw the news on Tv where society help to covered unconsious women in bikini at public (which they always do if see women in unpropper dressed) but if they see naked crazy men on street no one care because that naked person is men! even society see it as a prank! yeah this is real because that crazy naked men near my house when i was a kid , i always saw him when return from school, my society act like nothing happened once again because he is a men .

D. Hijab women are selfish : they forbid men to see even only their hair, thinks men are a pig if men see women bodies . but do they realize they can also see men bodies at public without people labelled them . Hypocrite !

I remember when one hijab women tweets by not wearing hijab and showing their hair same like naked and degrading women, WTF! So in her mind if men just see her hair that men is a sex offender and that’s why they always complain that men are objectified them because men see a single hair is count as harrasment and remember this women still free and tolerated to see men bodies.

E. Men are seen as rapist : their reason to wear it all the time are so that they can free from rape , so men will rape you in mall just because men see your hair? WTF!

So this is why i can’t take hijab ideologies seriously, That’s why if my society thinks hijab ideologies is good, i will say BULLSHIT & it is MISANDRY!! it has many high double standard and become difficult to protest because this ideologies has spread and become their basic culture . Also they started to teach this ideology to you when you was a kid so it is like brainwashed, they think it is holy if only women are covered. i better live in society where men and women both can naked on public place or both of them must covered because that is a true equality.

Oh yeah they love to do useless think too , no racist just protest the doublestandard.

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Hijab Logic Again!

Day after Day already past after Femen topless jihad , Now the popularity of this news started to reduce but something questioned me , Why the hijab women still cannot stop their protest against femen ? are they obsesive compulsive ? i still can find many new photo post of hijab women with piece of paper infront of them and it’s write about how hijab is important for them etc; on instragram, twitter,or Facebook. It’s funny to know actually Hijab women are the majority , Muslim are the one who rule some of society in this world and femen just a group , But That Muslimah act like they are the one who had been oppressed. no they are not

To be clear for me it’s okay if women choose to bare breast or covered i respect it BUT i don’t respect double standard ideologies so what i mean is it’s more equal if either both men and women can topless at public or both of them are forbid. Because i live in Muslim society from my experience the women have a strict dress coded but the men are Free , Muslim Men here are often shirtless , wearing shorts , even mentally ill men still accepted to walks the street completely naked because he is a men but if situation reverse a women not naked but just wear a sexy clothes, my Muslim society will respond it as sexual objectification to women, degrading women, that women is a whores ,men are pig and so on. So this is double standard! if Hijabi feel it is degrading for women to use sexy clothes why it is not degrading men too even IF THE MEN ARE ALREADY NAKED ON STREETS ?! . I think it’s a JOKE if Muslim say their religion thread equality.

I also want to protest a comment from hijab women who wrote this “if women can naked , why women can’t covered too” from unknown hijab women and get many applause from other Muslim, This is dump , Hei you must know actually the real situation is INVERSED – In MOST SOCIETY WOMEN ARE MORE COVERED THAN A MEN AND A NAKED WOMEN IS USSUALLY MORE TABOO IN MOST PLACE ! so this muslimah still think she are the one who been oppresed, WTF!

Also if hijab want to covered , why only women species ? like i have described above paragraph in Muslim society women have strict dress coded but men are very free. For me personally what Hijab women did is just defend their privillege , Defending hijab women means your society will be brainwashed to intolerance when men see women bodies even just a hair but it’s accepted if hijab women see mentally ill men naked on street. This is true because i live in Muslim society and i have seen many double standard respond like this. What make it more worse is for hijab women, they like to compared a women in bikini is same to naked men , so in their logic if women expose unvital part men must exposed their vital parts so that it become equal, WTF !!

Actually i’m tired to make article about hijab but what hijab women has act pissed me off that’s why i wrote this.
Darkness Pinokio

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The Hijab Perception

I have read on twitter, FB, Instragram, and other media where the Muslim feminist and Muslim women don’t agree with femen protest . Okay it’s their choice no one can force it, but no matter how many tweet of muslimahpride you retweet. Hijab is still a symbol of sexism. not because woman choose to covered, not because i want that woman not to wearing hijab but the double standard, brainwashed, and the double standard perception and respond. make more unequality on this earth. Ok this is my point:
First women covered very strictly on the public, they covered about 90% of their bodies this include thigh, arm, hair, even face then like it’s not enough they use double or triple of layer , EveryDay! which i found very unatural and unneccessary. On the reverse situation the men are free what to wear just like the western men. You can see Muslim men can use western clothes if they want. not only that Muslim men can bare chest at public and in swimming pool they are free to use underwear . this double standard is already sexism but it become worse as this Muslim accept it as word of Allah, truth and equality.

Then Muslim live with this false equality and make a double standard perception and double standard law . at this point it have a sexism toward men and woman. Woman that choose not to wear hijab or if they wear sexy clothes will be labelled slut even if we say it’s freedom and it’s still okay that society will always see that as slut. Maybe many Muslim woman love that bodybag but some of that woman that choose to be free from hijab have no rights to do that. Then this about girl like Amina who decided to be free by topless if Muslim society don’t like it , its their choice but if they think have rights to stoned Amina or give other punishment just because you don’t like it so Muslim you have denied freedom of speech, shut the mouth who questioned Islam and i will call u a PSYCHO.

And now how it’s become sexism towards men, in this society it’s very forbidden to see women bodies but if we reverse the situations Hijab women are very free to see men bodies even this hijab women can see men using only underwear at beach or swimming pool Oh now i know the real reason why this woman pro-hijab . Also If Men dare to see women bodies it’s immoral, and objectification to women ,Muslim world will loose their shit and count it as sexual harrasment but if we reverse the situation hijab women see men using only underwear at public like in swimming pool it’s fine , Oh women in hijab are always innocent. That’s their perception. Do you think it’s equal if men are forbid also immoral to see women bodies whereas this hijab women free to see men bodies and always labelled as innocent just because they use hijab ?

Then brainwashed, Muslim men will always think they are gentlemen by forcing women to covered and always labelled women who want to be free as slut, on the other hand pro Hijab or Burqa women think they body are very precious now they become selfish , for them not wearing hijab is equal to naked . so for Hijab women everything men do will automatically offensive for them.

I always see on tweet how this hijab women said about dignity , naked is degrading for women , they are not cheap so men are forbid to see their bodies ,if men want it’s immoral , men use them as masturbate object , they afraid to be raped if their don’t use hijab and so on . Do you realize this kind of claims show Muslimah’s arrogant ? It’s also hurt me as men, they think men can raped them just because they not wearing hijab, men are pig if want to see women beauty but they are innocent if they want to see men bodies . okay I want to ask this hijab women how if men also think the same ? men said “we have dignity too we don’t want naked it’s degrading us “ so they covered and that kind of men get easily offended if women do something and this men feel proud about this, how do you feel if this happen to you Hijab women huh?

Actually your society is sexist and still be sexist unless both of men and women are covered or both of them are not. Once again i can’t control what that women want to wear but respect and hear other people ‘s opinion and don’t forced your wish to everyone that reject Islam law. We all have different opinion . We have freedom of speech. Nudity is okey and natural as long as it is done by both gender .

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Hijab logic 2

I saw a news about Tunisia girl who support femen by publishing her topless photo , first of all i respect all women choice whether she wants to be topless or covered, i respect what Amina did because her opinion is women’s bodies should not always be treated as shame (which i agree), i also don’t see breast as sexual object . then i saw a tweet or comment on fb from hijab women that are very angry because of that act and also angry to femen movement, one of the tweet from one of them are ‘’the message of femen is not for women but men: i will be free to serve you better as an object of your mastubatory fantasies” ( hijab’s tweet ) , i don’t agree by this comment first because if men want to masturbate they can just watch porn not topless femen , even i don’t see topless women as an object but this hijab women generalized all men used women as object whenever men see sexy women which is fall analogy and also hijab women are hypocrsy for me , they forbid men to see even her hair whereas she feel free to see men bare chest, they enjoy men topless but get mad when women topless. Double Standard !

So i reply her tweet about why she have no problem to guy stripping but get problem when women do it, hypocrsy and then she immidiately reply “how stupid you’re men are not use as commodity like women” wait so she believe only women can be objectified? “men have privileges in this world one of them by using women” sound’s like childish person .sexist happened to both men and women, where is the prove always men are predators? You know what because for hijab women every things is offensive, look how they always forbid men to see even her hair ,arms etc. so when men see her hair “OH NO! Men see our hair ,he used us as commodity!” that’s how they perceive gender issues narrow minded hijab women . they got problem women topless, but it’s fine when they go to beach seeing men only using underwear and they said it’s not hypocrsy because only women that can be objectified so whatever hijab women do is innocent . yes that’s not hypocrsy but Super hypocrsy for me !

And then now Amina is in dangered because of her protest act because she live in Tunisia , yeah a Muslim society with peace and tolerance .that want to stoned that girl because of her freedom of speech! WTF! And all hijab women hate her like on this fb comment ”she’s not tunisian women anymore , she is european mind” . So hypocrsy hijab women started to intimidate her because of breast that all women have.

This is why i can’t take Muslim feminist seriously, i just Can’t !! Hijab women love to talks about even small thing that they think disadvantage them but act like nothing happens if they do a double standard . they believe that men and women topless at public is sexist but when women use body bags and men using only underwear at beach is equal for them ,Weird Right?

I’m Darknesspinokio or Crazyman , spread the message No to Hijab in other to make equal and balance world.

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Hijab? Still Sexist

I have read an article about hijab from Muslim or hijab women, most of an article is about  how hijab is not sexist (for them), or women’s clothes other than hijab is false. So here is some of the list from pro hijab that try to explain that hijab is not sexist;

Number 1, ‘men and women are different so there must be a different standard,if we want women just to be treated as men there would be no gynecologist since this is sexist’ or ‘’having urinals in a male bathroom and not having them in female bathroom is not sexism right? It represents the different abilities of the urinary tracts of the genders so same about hijab too”

Hmmm if you said gynecologist is only for women and it is not sexist , i agree women can pregnant not a men it’s natural to have gynecologist only for women, BUT the idea that this kind of excuse prove that hijab is not sexist too is RIDICULOUS !! what’s natural when a women must always in full covered even a face or hair? It’s not the same like women pregnant and men not or other example that you use . it different !!

If you want to said men can easily get horny i agree but the assumption that men can’t control themselves so a women must covered her body except face  is once again ridiculous. There was a certain place in Europe where women can legally bare chest  and never heard women get molested or rape because of this. So men have abilities to control themselves just like women see men bodies.

Number 2, is the world sexist because of practice hijab ,or are practice of hijab in place because the world is sexist?

My answer is the world sexist because of practice hijab, next.

Number 3, if women take off their hijab and show their hair , it’s the same like you take your bra or underwear off – this was from hijab women

WHAT?! Are you Fucking Kidding Me?

It’s only a hair !

So men will get to jailed when he touch your hair just because you think he touch your boobs?

This is how women that are partaking in hijab is Sexist , if men see fanatic hijab women’s hair or maybe her arm , she will think that to be equal she must see that men’s chest or maybe even penis because she thinks her bodies is too precious to watch.

Number 4, it’s mentioned in the Holyyyy Qur’an , it’s the words of GOD –i also read women that refuse to wear hijab can go to hell

Till nowadays There’s no proof that God’s exist, there’s no Valid evidence about it. If there is , it just a pseudoscience  and a fatwa from a delusional ustazd that think there’s a superpower person on the sky that tell women to covered themself or they will burn in hell.

Hmm God will burn you forever just because you don’t wear hijab ? so what’s different between God and Evil? So There’s no God folks, don’t be a slave to a men who use ancient texts to rule over you, FREE YOURSELF !!

Number 5, hijab is not a male domination , fashion it is because it make women spend billion of dollar to look skinny and anorexic and live by standard of fashion designed by men

Fashion true can make an adolesence  girl become skinny and anorexic and i don’t agree they must be skinny also i think most men don’t like  a thin women , men usually like a women with chubbiness you know? but this doesn’t mean hijab is not sexist. It’s like when you are wrong then you just pointed to other people’s false and you think that you’re right No you are still wrong and just seek other person’s wrong.

Number 6,” it’s not enough just using education or good system to prevent rape ,women must wear hijab “ then this men show a kind of long boring statistic on his blog that show how many percent women get rape or molested in Canada and he said that the high percentage of women getting raped because they’re not using hijab

how do you think that hijab make men don’t think dirty? a good men will not molested or rape a women even when she is naked ,  A bad men with dirty mind can still get horny by hijab, they think it’s like porn fantasy with hijab get it? So if you think to prevent women from being molested or rape is to covered them then you are WRONG ASSHOLES!!! Also funny to believe that  women need to use hijab all the time just to prevent rape , many example of women wear a free dressed they didn’t get rape right?

So if you think western is bad here is a comment that i get from other blog “ abuse women is very widely reported to take place in public places in Egypt, this include women wearing hijab, violence against women is also widely reported in Pakistan where there’s a shocking number of acid attack each year, Nujood Ali from Yemen , age 10 and divorced so this poor girl is not considered as victim in that society because she has married and it’s legal in Yemen, the latest was Ana Lama five years old who was rape, torture and murder by her cleric father”  well this enough to proof that crime committed by Muslim no less than by non Muslim . west are not perfect but hijab is also Sexissstt.

Number 7, you must have faith that Allah comand women to wear hijab.

FAITH is an incompatible word to me because you know i’m an atheist , there’s no valid evidence also even if it true that it’s God comand, still i will decide what is right things for me and what is not.

Number 8, we are not forced to wear hijab but it’s our choice / it’s women’s rights and dignity, it empowered women / why we must expose our body? We are not property  / It’s male dominated society that want women to remove our hijab – this is the common excuse from hijab women

This is my point of view  , if the situations is hijab is just a fashion , women are free to decide whether they want to wear it or not , or maybe sometimes they use it and  sometime they’re not ,and no judgement from society that hijab women are better then non hijab then it’s not sexist

But if women have no freedom to choose and they must become a tend  also it’s forbidden and immoral for men to see women bodies whereas it’s okay for women to see men bodies , then it is sexist .


So i think equality mean to be treated fairly. women free to choose what they want to wear and men have rights too to see women bodies without judge as immoral. LIKE it and SHARED it Bro also the previous’s recommended






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Hijab Logic

So i live in a country where most people thinks it is sacred for women to wear hijab for covering their  bodies and not showing it, most people believe hijab is honor for women and women that use hijab means (in their opinion) they respect their body and should be respected. Their other reasons to use hijab is it can prevent women from being molested and rape,etc. Eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa STOPP!!! First of all about rape, so most of women choose to cover their hair, hand, feet and even face, and more extreme some use doubles or triple layer of clothes, because they believe it can prevent from being molested and rape ? WRONG!MOTHERFUCKER! rape is nothing to do with what women is wearing, there was a place that it is legal for women to bare chest or legal for men and women to get nude such as nude beach and never hear women being molested or raped, and women also can still get raped even if they already covered themself like in Pakistani or Aghan for example. So this women use hijab even in mall or swimming pool  to prevent from being molested ? WTF!  In a place where many family gather in there for fun on a sunny day and this hijab women still believe they will get rape there if they show their HAIR?

Then They said maybe it’s not about rape  but it’s honor for women to use hijab they respect their body, so they still use it to covered their body every time they went out,  in all places, from Monday to Sunday. Hmm I don’t get it, what honor? If it means respect why don’t men get covered too in other to respect their body? Why only women that should covered up like a tend everyday? even when they want to go to minimart that close to their house they need to covered up?  It simply sexist and nonsense.

Another excuse from women and men that are partaking in hijab is; women that choose not to wear hijab or even wear sexy clothes is immoral than the women that use hijab. SO i didn’t get it what the different that make women in hijab more respected than the one who choose not to wear it? There are many non-hijab women that are good too, the only different is one is covered and another are not, Only that nothing more! If you still think women not wearing hijab is immoral it is because when you was a kid you get strong doctrine from your society. Even men can see women’s boob without dirty mind just like women see bare chested men Example in some of Europe Country.

So i also read pro-hijab opinion it says ”like a pearl in the ocean,they covers it with beautiful shell (hijab)”  This is BULLSHIT. You know i’m men and sometimes think this hijabi women are simply selfish. This is hijab logic ; they don’t want men to see their body other than face or eyes . it’s forbidden for men to see other than that even if it only hair. if we(men) do, this women doesn’t like it, it can be count as sexist and accepted by society. but when the situation reverse they have rights to see men even bare chest or only wear an underwear in swimming pool or beach for example and it’s okay too in my society . I HATE IT, if we are equal why it’s disrespected for men to see women body whereas women can easily see men’s bodies  ? this is sexist,  and now i know how hijab women love this.

I know it’s their rights if they choose to wear it and i can’t control it. Yes You can use it as fashion but don’t be like robot okay? And for guys there that think they are Holyyy to shout at women to covered themself , Please STOP and CHANGE because without you’re realize you will think that women not wearing hijab is immoral when the reality is not. Also that WRONG analogy that unhijabi women deserve to get rape. Even when the women is naked men doesn’t have rights to rape.    I’m crazyman or darknesspinokio or WHATEVER you call.


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