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Let Educate Ourself of Naked Equality by Enjoying PICO Art Performance

I don’t know you guys, but some people love to think fully naked men with semi naked women as “equal”, which for me is stupid, they think semi naked women is naked-fallacy, fully naked women is the true equivalent of fully naked men, this video of naked equality art festival will raise you awareness of nude equality, enjoy 😉

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Free the Nipple: My Experience w/ Gender Inequality on Instagram Vlog by Brooke Kelty

Yes i agree with her…

I have experience where a pic of women topless – not even naked, just topless can be banned on #Facebook and #instagram even if it already get blurred-nipples like in this vid, but if you reverse the situation even if it more worse, a bunch of men FULL NAKED -bottomless but blurred and nipple shown even if it reported on #facebook , they just ignored it (friend experience)..i think this is bad doublestandard #FreeTheNipple

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Clarified Samsung article, tech that can suck dick

Okey folks i edited this article because now there’s a little bit confusion on me whether this information true or not. For you that don’t know, it’s about a news that i saw on youtube about a launching on samsung new tech that can suck dick and only for guy. At first i personally thinks this was sexism but this news itself was unclear for me true or fake jokes so i decided to edit this article because my article at first talk my view based on ‘if this news are true’. Anyway i admit as a human i’m to rush to make article.

So my conclusion are Samsung was not sexist but this joke itself are still sexist ! because that video about dick sucking tech get many positif respond and seen as prank. I have no sense of humor? No i have senses of humor but if a sex jokes that i saw were always and always about male organ yes i get pissed off because it’s unfair. also i know more people will easily get fired if the jokes was about pussy tech. Thx for reading!

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