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‘Female form seen by male’ is always perceived impossible/ offensive (than if the sexes were reverse), until it truly be done (i.e Europe)

Have you ever heard something sound like “Female topless? You’re crazy! Female upper part is different, I can’t imagine if the big breast pop up at public, I’m really mad!”

So when male upper part vs female upper part, they compared it size…(even though there’s female with flat chest, and male with big nip…

…it’s funny since if we talk about human bottom part: male genital are far bigger than female genital (Vagina- small) but never hear people said “Omg, male genital can erect you know? It’s more offensive if penis at public than vagina”, mainstream even don’t care if there’s an erect male genital (penis) at public (while – small – vagina not shown). So if they don’t bother the comparison size of genital, why they do compare between male chest & female chest?

…Okay back to the excused from the mainstream, When I once support topless equality in Asia here, when sex negative modesty feminism  argue like that, I once confused, I thought “Yeah it seem impossible.. it seem offensive”, then I see Europe (yes, not all Europe suddenly show topless female at public- but Europe do different they have more place i.e beach or festival were female topless at public in non sexual context (equally with male), and even if the breast are big in shape it normal, no big deal, and possible), so in Europe we can see it as ‘make senses’ (especially now many body confidence female raise awareness on topless equality too by exercising topless at public garden, topless experiment at day street etc- with no big deal happen, guy able to know the context, and make it more normalize), while if we in “Asian/southasia atmosphere” it seem fucking offensive/ impossible/ we can’t think it without big deal happening in here.

…But difficult to explain to Asia/ southasia people since even just hear ‘freethenipple’ word most of them already loose their mind..

…Now Asia people still can understand female in bikini at pool is fucking possible/ no offensive at all, bring ‘bikini’ word to middle east atmosphere, and Mideast people will get mad just like when Asian get mad over ‘topless’ word (but we know bikini can exist at Asia, and Topless equality can exist at part of Europe), so the same to breast if normalize in Asia society – people can just accept it just like bikini…(but off course I know to change culture it take progress which can have a risk at beginning)…but still show equality is possible to be achieve.

The same apply on movie censorship in my place, it’s always male nudity that more be ‘objectified’ with no censor at movie theater, they said “We are different” confused me for a while (I still know it unfair if ‘objectified male semi nudity only more frontally’ but) I doubt can movie legally show male nip vs female nip fairly, male buttcrack vs female buttcrack equally? The answer is yes! See Korean adult legal movie (a story which have sex scene on it) they do only censored genital equally (not like other who only dare to objectified penis while protect vagina modesty), they show female nip & male nip + female buttcrack vs male buttcrack fairly (not like other who only objectified male buttcrack & male nip at movie), after see that korean movie i realize ‘equality in anatomy’ fucking possible (why I think it impossible- till I watch that korean 18+ movie).

It’s a religious bigot & sex negative feminism who try to play ‘impossible’ mindset, and they depend on “look at our culture, if can- it already happen in the past” this excused… even in the past- my culture have female semi nudity in non sexual context at public too actually, very normal at that time… till they (sex negative feminism, prudish tourist, religious government) who are the one who forced it to be banned (till it seem very taboo now, and we must be like “here we go again explaining it possible”)…


Korea show cunnilingus by guy scene too (not like other who by pc cult only dare to show blowjob scene aka ‘always only dare to show male anatomy get objectified by female senses’ scene).


Korean adult movie show female nip equally (not always objectified male nip like other does)


Show that it fact female can have sexual feeling too on men bodies (opposite from sex negative feminist claim)


Korean adult movie is the fairest, have scene were handsome male strip undie/ pants of female too (not like other who by pc cult only dare to show scene were ‘only guy are humiliated get strip down by female’). They even show what true anatomy equality is by censored only genital fairly (so people understand penis= Vagina)


“Sumo costum is impossible to be equal, they said” well a German legal sport festival were female & male topless + bottom on equally at public they never said…

Naked Snow-Sledding Competition In Saxony

Nacktrodeln in Altenberg


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Gotopless 2017 Celebration part 1: My addition message

Gotopless 2017 is over but it message is still celebrated-it give equality for both sexes:

For female- female have equal rights to choose topless at public in non sexual context if she confidence without being labelled like “whores” (especially when men topless the exact same thing all the time) + public breastfeeding.

For male- male will not curious about female top & we-male will be able to see & admired it in more natural way – in non sexual context – just like female admire shirtless hot guy (which I know some ‘cavemen’ & ‘sex negative feminist’ will unhappy by this fair idea). if it normalize we-male do can accustomed by it just like Europe guy (especially if female already free to see & admire shirtless male all the time too-until bored).

We also learn Vagina=Penis because both are primary reproduction, both is genital, and both between leg. While breast is equal to your hairy chest-hypocrite (both have nipple).

It possible like some Europe already show you, maybe not all Europe but if there’s some place that show it possible=it possible-now depend on our society mindset.

Gotopless 17 wp1 8917 (1)

Gotopless 17 wp1 8917 (2)

Gotopless 17 wp1 8917 (3)

Gotopless 17 wp1 8917 (4)

Gotopless 17 wp1 8917 (6)

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Pure Free The Nipple, Pure Equality, Ftn of Different Sexes-Colour-Age-Size-Shape

No matter what people in majority said, I truly support Free The Nipple for equality (for topless equality to be specific). Women can choose topless at public if she wishes (and have courage) without get negative prejudice, and men can free their negative concept on women breast and see it in more natural positive way (not only view it in sexual way since at this time you can only see breast in porn) but can see it in normal way just like women see men’s chest (You still attracted to breast while women not attracted to men’s chest? No women not so scandalize when see men chest since men topless all the time but women still show attraction to shirtless men & if Ftn normalize you can still view breast beautiful but it become admiring women not ‘sex obsessed crazily’ anymore-like when the time you never see it publicly). So Free The Nipple is for women and men.

So here the photos show there really exist people from our movement who are purely for equality, and the one who agree feel free to share my article:


Asian with bra men- turntable time


Different skin Free The Nipple either black or white


Different age, different shape


Men and women censored nipple equally


Men and women Free The Nipple equally


It Possible if normalize, and we can get used to it !

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Let Educate Ourself of Naked Equality by Enjoying PICO Art Performance

I don’t know you guys, but some people love to think fully naked men with semi naked women as “equal”, which for me is stupid, they think semi naked women is naked-fallacy, fully naked women is the true equivalent of fully naked men, this video of naked equality art festival will raise you awareness of nude equality, enjoy 😉

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Women’s right to choose is about gender equality (mirror)

i didn’t own this article credits to >>> Bill Schroer: Women’s right to choose is about gender equality

In the pursuit of equality, this past Monday was Women’s Equality Day.
Celebrating the 19th Amendment, women were granted the right to vote 93 years ago.
One day earlier, Go Topless Day was celebrated as part of another more contemporary effort to bring equality to women. In more than 30 cities across the country, women (and men) demonstrated for the right for women to be top free.

For many women, the double standard that exists where men can appear topless on beaches or in their backyard or walking down the street but women can’t is another example of women’s inequality in this country.
In Europe, this double standard largely does not exist. Women can and are topless on beaches, in city parks sunbathing and many places men would be topless. And, its no big deal.

But we in Michigan (and most states) can’t seem to get there. The combination of the post-Victorian prudery around nudity and the sexualization of women’s breasts in American media have made it seem women’s breasts must remain covered while men’s aren’t.

Yet, until the 1930s men could not appear in public topless either. And for the same reasons. Men’s breasts were indecent … it was sinful to expose the male breast … truly a sign of moral decay.

The post-Victorian prude legislators demanded men’s tops stay covered. But, during a heat wave in the 1930s, huge numbers of men took off their tops. They rebelled. In spite of mass arrests, the taboo was broken. And, just like with Prohibition, the popular will (of men) prevailed.

So, all of a sudden, what was immoral and indecent and a legal prohibition became acceptable overnight. Which says, in effect, the prohibition of women from being topfree is not an issue of a moral absolute. It is an issue of political power … or lack thereof.

Even the non-sexual activity of a woman breastfeeding has brought out the self-appointed moral crusaders who shamed, had arrested and otherwise harassed mothers for using their breasts for their primary biological purpose.

After enough people with common sense protested, laws in many (but not all) states now protect women from being treated as criminals for breastfeeding in public.

Really? We had to pass a law for that?

The fact the 14th Amendment demands equal treatment irrespective of gender seems to have escaped most legislators and judges in most of the country. Not so in New York, where the State Supreme Court affirmed it is unconstitutional to require women to wear tops where/when men are not required to. Ohio, Ontario (and many other places in Canada) have arrived at a similar conclusion. Women are free in those places to be topless in public and, increasingly, are. But, to have the right to be top free is not a mandate.

Women in New York may now make a conscious choice about whether to wear a top or not. It is their choice. That is the real point. If women are not free to make that choice, they continue in one more way to be oppressed by a male-dominated society that knows what is best for them and for society.

And, if you think this is an insignificant right … let’s pretend it wasn’t women … that it was African-Americans or Asians who could not take their shirts off in public.

Would it be insignificant then?

The issue of equality is not only about the big issues … although it is certainly about “equal pay for equal work” and other “big” issues … it’s about every issue.

When women aren’t seen as equals in any way whether it is for “deserving to be raped” because of the way they are dressed, or a condescending attitude by a car salesman toward a female customer, the gender is demeaned.
Whether every woman or any woman in Michigan would want to be topfree at a beach or in her backyard to sunbathe or walking down the street is not the issue. It should be her right to make that decision.

It’s a matter of equality.

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Hijab? Still Sexist

I have read an article about hijab from Muslim or hijab women, most of an article is about  how hijab is not sexist (for them), or women’s clothes other than hijab is false. So here is some of the list from pro hijab that try to explain that hijab is not sexist;

Number 1, ‘men and women are different so there must be a different standard,if we want women just to be treated as men there would be no gynecologist since this is sexist’ or ‘’having urinals in a male bathroom and not having them in female bathroom is not sexism right? It represents the different abilities of the urinary tracts of the genders so same about hijab too”

Hmmm if you said gynecologist is only for women and it is not sexist , i agree women can pregnant not a men it’s natural to have gynecologist only for women, BUT the idea that this kind of excuse prove that hijab is not sexist too is RIDICULOUS !! what’s natural when a women must always in full covered even a face or hair? It’s not the same like women pregnant and men not or other example that you use . it different !!

If you want to said men can easily get horny i agree but the assumption that men can’t control themselves so a women must covered her body except face  is once again ridiculous. There was a certain place in Europe where women can legally bare chest  and never heard women get molested or rape because of this. So men have abilities to control themselves just like women see men bodies.

Number 2, is the world sexist because of practice hijab ,or are practice of hijab in place because the world is sexist?

My answer is the world sexist because of practice hijab, next.

Number 3, if women take off their hijab and show their hair , it’s the same like you take your bra or underwear off – this was from hijab women

WHAT?! Are you Fucking Kidding Me?

It’s only a hair !

So men will get to jailed when he touch your hair just because you think he touch your boobs?

This is how women that are partaking in hijab is Sexist , if men see fanatic hijab women’s hair or maybe her arm , she will think that to be equal she must see that men’s chest or maybe even penis because she thinks her bodies is too precious to watch.

Number 4, it’s mentioned in the Holyyyy Qur’an , it’s the words of GOD –i also read women that refuse to wear hijab can go to hell

Till nowadays There’s no proof that God’s exist, there’s no Valid evidence about it. If there is , it just a pseudoscience  and a fatwa from a delusional ustazd that think there’s a superpower person on the sky that tell women to covered themself or they will burn in hell.

Hmm God will burn you forever just because you don’t wear hijab ? so what’s different between God and Evil? So There’s no God folks, don’t be a slave to a men who use ancient texts to rule over you, FREE YOURSELF !!

Number 5, hijab is not a male domination , fashion it is because it make women spend billion of dollar to look skinny and anorexic and live by standard of fashion designed by men

Fashion true can make an adolesence  girl become skinny and anorexic and i don’t agree they must be skinny also i think most men don’t like  a thin women , men usually like a women with chubbiness you know? but this doesn’t mean hijab is not sexist. It’s like when you are wrong then you just pointed to other people’s false and you think that you’re right No you are still wrong and just seek other person’s wrong.

Number 6,” it’s not enough just using education or good system to prevent rape ,women must wear hijab “ then this men show a kind of long boring statistic on his blog that show how many percent women get rape or molested in Canada and he said that the high percentage of women getting raped because they’re not using hijab

how do you think that hijab make men don’t think dirty? a good men will not molested or rape a women even when she is naked ,  A bad men with dirty mind can still get horny by hijab, they think it’s like porn fantasy with hijab get it? So if you think to prevent women from being molested or rape is to covered them then you are WRONG ASSHOLES!!! Also funny to believe that  women need to use hijab all the time just to prevent rape , many example of women wear a free dressed they didn’t get rape right?

So if you think western is bad here is a comment that i get from other blog “ abuse women is very widely reported to take place in public places in Egypt, this include women wearing hijab, violence against women is also widely reported in Pakistan where there’s a shocking number of acid attack each year, Nujood Ali from Yemen , age 10 and divorced so this poor girl is not considered as victim in that society because she has married and it’s legal in Yemen, the latest was Ana Lama five years old who was rape, torture and murder by her cleric father”  well this enough to proof that crime committed by Muslim no less than by non Muslim . west are not perfect but hijab is also Sexissstt.

Number 7, you must have faith that Allah comand women to wear hijab.

FAITH is an incompatible word to me because you know i’m an atheist , there’s no valid evidence also even if it true that it’s God comand, still i will decide what is right things for me and what is not.

Number 8, we are not forced to wear hijab but it’s our choice / it’s women’s rights and dignity, it empowered women / why we must expose our body? We are not property  / It’s male dominated society that want women to remove our hijab – this is the common excuse from hijab women

This is my point of view  , if the situations is hijab is just a fashion , women are free to decide whether they want to wear it or not , or maybe sometimes they use it and  sometime they’re not ,and no judgement from society that hijab women are better then non hijab then it’s not sexist

But if women have no freedom to choose and they must become a tend  also it’s forbidden and immoral for men to see women bodies whereas it’s okay for women to see men bodies , then it is sexist .


So i think equality mean to be treated fairly. women free to choose what they want to wear and men have rights too to see women bodies without judge as immoral. LIKE it and SHARED it Bro also the previous’s recommended






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