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‘Female form seen by male’ is always perceived impossible/ offensive (than if the sexes were reverse), until it truly be done (i.e Europe)

Have you ever heard something sound like “Female topless? You’re crazy! Female upper part is different, I can’t imagine if the big breast pop up at public, I’m really mad!”

So when male upper part vs female upper part, they compared it size…(even though there’s female with flat chest, and male with big nip…

…it’s funny since if we talk about human bottom part: male genital are far bigger than female genital (Vagina- small) but never hear people said “Omg, male genital can erect you know? It’s more offensive if penis at public than vagina”, mainstream even don’t care if there’s an erect male genital (penis) at public (while – small – vagina not shown). So if they don’t bother the comparison size of genital, why they do compare between male chest & female chest?

…Okay back to the excused from the mainstream, When I once support topless equality in Asia here, when sex negative modesty feminism  argue like that, I once confused, I thought “Yeah it seem impossible.. it seem offensive”, then I see Europe (yes, not all Europe suddenly show topless female at public- but Europe do different they have more place i.e beach or festival were female topless at public in non sexual context (equally with male), and even if the breast are big in shape it normal, no big deal, and possible), so in Europe we can see it as ‘make senses’ (especially now many body confidence female raise awareness on topless equality too by exercising topless at public garden, topless experiment at day street etc- with no big deal happen, guy able to know the context, and make it more normalize), while if we in “Asian/southasia atmosphere” it seem fucking offensive/ impossible/ we can’t think it without big deal happening in here.

…But difficult to explain to Asia/ southasia people since even just hear ‘freethenipple’ word most of them already loose their mind..

…Now Asia people still can understand female in bikini at pool is fucking possible/ no offensive at all, bring ‘bikini’ word to middle east atmosphere, and Mideast people will get mad just like when Asian get mad over ‘topless’ word (but we know bikini can exist at Asia, and Topless equality can exist at part of Europe), so the same to breast if normalize in Asia society – people can just accept it just like bikini…(but off course I know to change culture it take progress which can have a risk at beginning)…but still show equality is possible to be achieve.

The same apply on movie censorship in my place, it’s always male nudity that more be ‘objectified’ with no censor at movie theater, they said “We are different” confused me for a while (I still know it unfair if ‘objectified male semi nudity only more frontally’ but) I doubt can movie legally show male nip vs female nip fairly, male buttcrack vs female buttcrack equally? The answer is yes! See Korean adult legal movie (a story which have sex scene on it) they do only censored genital equally (not like other who only dare to objectified penis while protect vagina modesty), they show female nip & male nip + female buttcrack vs male buttcrack fairly (not like other who only objectified male buttcrack & male nip at movie), after see that korean movie i realize ‘equality in anatomy’ fucking possible (why I think it impossible- till I watch that korean 18+ movie).

It’s a religious bigot & sex negative feminism who try to play ‘impossible’ mindset, and they depend on “look at our culture, if can- it already happen in the past” this excused… even in the past- my culture have female semi nudity in non sexual context at public too actually, very normal at that time… till they (sex negative feminism, prudish tourist, religious government) who are the one who forced it to be banned (till it seem very taboo now, and we must be like “here we go again explaining it possible”)…


Korea show cunnilingus by guy scene too (not like other who by pc cult only dare to show blowjob scene aka ‘always only dare to show male anatomy get objectified by female senses’ scene).


Korean adult movie show female nip equally (not always objectified male nip like other does)


Show that it fact female can have sexual feeling too on men bodies (opposite from sex negative feminist claim)


Korean adult movie is the fairest, have scene were handsome male strip undie/ pants of female too (not like other who by pc cult only dare to show scene were ‘only guy are humiliated get strip down by female’). They even show what true anatomy equality is by censored only genital fairly (so people understand penis= Vagina)


“Sumo costum is impossible to be equal, they said” well a German legal sport festival were female & male topless + bottom on equally at public they never said…

Naked Snow-Sledding Competition In Saxony

Nacktrodeln in Altenberg


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Naked Riot in Berkeley City Court

Story were nudity equality group try to achieved nudity freedom in court of Berkeley but the sex negative feminist judge – sophie hahn- create a strawman argument by pointing ‘freethenipple’ movement and questioning “Ah doublestandard why objectifiying women bodies only? why not men”, so my answer is 1) the topic is not free the nipple but ‘nudity’, 2) if about topless equality – the men side already free to topless (to be seen by you sophie hahn) in the first place that’s why ‘freethenipple’ movement ask for ‘women only’ to be topless fairly like men side, 3) don’t said you compared breast (non genital private) with penis (male genital) – it’s biased to compared half naked female with full naked male, how if I reverse? I said “you only talk about how men can shirtless, but why only men bodies to be objectified, how about women? why silence.. aha doublestandard why not show her vagina then?” – you see if I talk like this you easily realized the biased THEN SAME IT’S BIASED COMPARING BREAST (NON GENITAL + JUST HALF NAKED WOMEN) WITH FULLY FRONTAL NAKED MEN- it will more ‘exploiting’ male anatomy than the female one- if female can easily see male topless + bottomless yet you ‘sex negative hypocrite feminist’ demand men to only able to see female topless (while the bottom part of female is fully covered)..unfair…so men derided as sexist seeing vagina yet girl free to see the see penis? unfair to men.

Susan wengraf (another judge) then try to close the case by saying “there’s other important thing to do”, yeah if it about ‘male can see female bodies at public equally like the female one – who can see men bodies also’ she get mad yet if it about ‘banned page three’ – were men will be prohibited to see topless women yet women can still see topless male at newspaper, then she started act like “this is important”. you go Gypsy Taub !

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Instant All Equality Awareness

Start with topless equality at public, men & women can see their opposite nipples / top equally at public.

M69 topless equality 191017 (1)

So what? girl also free to gather in crowd to photos a male Actor topless at stage, no feminist complain right?

M69 topless equality 191017 (2)

Thanks ladies, I hate unfairness in Taiwan legal system, this is the only 1 that make me glad! Taiwan ladies fight 1 of sexist system in Taiwan that is topless inequality, Equality!

M69 topless equality 191017 (3)

If you sex negative feminist complain where is topless male? you can get it all over public place!

Now naked Equality.

m69 naked equality (1)

Europe have more nudity equality, while shitty Asian have always double standard as usual at their public place- I’m an Asian too btw.

m69 naked equality (2)

Thanks Ladies! penis= Vagina!

m69 naked equality (3)

Shaved V

Now Pee Equality

m69 pee equality 191017

No caption needed

Now 69 for true equality 😡

m69 69 191017


Get rid double standard from our fucking legal system!

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Let Educate Ourself of Naked Equality by Enjoying PICO Art Performance

I don’t know you guys, but some people love to think fully naked men with semi naked women as “equal”, which for me is stupid, they think semi naked women is naked-fallacy, fully naked women is the true equivalent of fully naked men, this video of naked equality art festival will raise you awareness of nude equality, enjoy 😉

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Maryamnamazie Speech on Nudity, Free The Nipple & Body Equality

Maryamnamazie mentioned FREETHENIPPLE A.K.A TOPLESS EQUALITY during speech 😀

We need more people like Maryamnamazie who have courage to stand up, talk, and counter the idea of shaming female body only, double standards & oppression towards women. The most important is equality for both gender.

If we silence, it will become more comfortable for people who dislike equality, to spread and maintenance their sexist idea. If it become normal, people in society will insensitive towards inequality and just follow it since it already become part of their culture where majority of people apply it, understand? if sexism is seen as normal it will take more effort and energy to fight than before.

Long Live Equality

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Demanding Equality Standard of Public Pissing and Toilet System

A society where i live in and avarage of society that i know have a tradition where men love to piss anywhere they please at public from corner of building, river, even at a middle of the crowd whereas you will never found women do that (atleast very rare maybe very very poor women did that). If a women dare to pee at public my society will interference it. Well this double standard sometime make me wonder why if women peeing at public, she will be labelled “bad” women whereas guy are still labelled as “good” guy if he did it also why its okey for women too see men peeing but its count as disrespect-objectified women if men see a women peeing. For me personally as a male is this is unequal double standard.

My other argument are this unfair habits make a society look contrast, my society are Muslim majority so you will realize that women dressed mannerly (which even still interference by society even what she wear was proper) even women use double or triple of layer even in hijab ifthey go out to public, a little opened dressed will seem very taboo in this place, but the male are very contrast here they are more vulgar at public but seemed as okay like use short at public, changing pants at public, zip opened, pee at public sometime like exhebionist, male theft will be likely to stripped till full naked whereas women theft not even be touch. You can see what i mean contrast? In what’s legal to exposed and in their respond.

Women will try to “protect” their anatomy to be seen by men, they dislike men see it at public but men shamelessly exposed their bird for peeing at public.

Men are more lazy and dirty than a women in here, even many public toilet men will just easily exposed their “bird” for peeing…hei they even not try to pee in more covered placed but pee in a place where can be easily seen by crowd and think it is safe. That’s what i dislike from men attitude, this is sexist gender role we as a men must act like that? No way!

Some say women pee more “opened” than a men, hmm i only half agree with this statement because its not always men are more safe when pissing and women must more “opened” if pissing because if women wear a big/long enough skirt she will more “safe” just like male pee version, women can pee in standing position too and have tool for it and as i have said men pee sometime their underwear even penis can be seen- i dont know how many girl accidentaly see penis at public if men always shamelessy pee like that.

In toilet too, nowadays i realize that women cleaner can free to enter male toilet, hei there is a urinal in it, she can see men peeing and as usual male cleaner are forbidd to enter women toilet even if you will just see women washing hand if enter. This is double standard in legal system and i feel no privacy if women free to enter men toilet as she pleased but as a male i have less rights to complained.

I’m not sissy but this double standard, contrast respond just because based on gender pissed me off.
I wish we have more fair standard about toilet in legal system.

i can’t forced about men pissing public tradition but atleast if men still peeing at public don’t pee like exhebionist!

Sometime its funny to see public reaction if women show her cleveage, public reaction like seeing women naked but men pee penis shown public reaction just like “Oh it’s only cleveage”.
Revolution towards equality.


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Southeast Asia Sexist Tradition, Bunch of male student naked on campus

When i was young i read twice about a news where there’s a festival on Phillipines, where a bunch or group of men student on college campus naked together , covered their face with masked and march around the campus and the female student can free to watch it even their brought a camera to take a photos of a bunch of male naked student and the worse is it was LEGAL and held everyear.

Well i know pretty much about their culture, this is not like Europe this is country where majority of people are religious and dislike when a female a women sexy at public.

So THE REVERSE SITUATION like THIS will never ever HAPPENED!! Not atleast they still used bikini, Not atleast their are in their neighbour country-which most are Muslim.


If men see female with bikini on Southeast Asia campus it will count as harrasment to women. Feminist will loose their shit “oh this is degrading women”, everybody will get outrage.

But if situation reverse a women see a male student even naked publicly on campus like in this true news “YOU GO GIRLS”.

That’s why i can’t take seriously an Asia feminist logic !!!

Atleast if women are allowed we men are allowed too!
Or both of them are prohibit…
We can’t have double standard like this its wrong and sexist…..

And i hope there’s a stranger that read this agree with me!

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Let Laugh at Anti Topless Equality Comment

So i read a comment from web of topless equality organization as you all know i personally support topless equality or shirtless equality because i hate double standard, accepting double standard for me means make a sexism that exist become invisible and more difficult to make a change. Okey so in the web that i read there’s a support and contra comment about topless equality and i picked up the contra comment that i find need to be debunk okey so let’s start and enjoy.

This comment from Kerry ***** II, his comment really pissed me off because he don’t know what equality is and act like he was smart..also he made some rude comment, here were 2 of his comment

Kerry ***** II Rape and sex with the same sex are emotional immaturity – one needs control and the other never fully developed, respectively. I’m just here to see the tits – otherwise there is a time and place to expose what only your lover should be seeing. Women keep pressing that they have a right to inflame men’s passions without some sort of repercussion. And yes – ALL humans are emotionally diseased. Again – since I don’t have a girlfriend I am just here for the tits – I’m actually in Ukraine right now and women that go topless on the beach get the most attention from both men and women (for different reasons) – SO they are also mentally diseased for purposely teasing men and for intentionally making women appalled (see ‘Games People Play’ book). A proper time and place and reason to bring out the puppies – otherwise don’t distract me with those things unless you’re going to share them, and satisfy me (not necessarily with sex either – I stopped that in favor of getting swallowed via safer oral sex method until after marriage = never because ALL humans are mentally diseased/never satisfied – see Judas Priest – ‘We are Never Satisfied’).

I will not respond all of this comment but comment that bothered me, he said i’m here to see the tits otherwise there is a time and place to expose what only your lover should be seeing okey this men are pesimistic about topless equality he try to shame and sacarsm by said he just come here to see the tits that actually can be only seen by their lover-husband, here is my answer women that support gotopless know it can happen-men see their breast, but the purpose is not for objectfying themselfes but to have equal freedom that men can get and not all men are like Kerry that can’t respect women who want to get equal rights to gotopless, some men like me support this and will not staring abudantly to their breast. Also if we legalize topless equality it will become “normal” and most men will not see that as sex object…but there’s a risk when some people like Kerry who’s brain made of stone and always want to see tits abudantly because he think he was right.

Then he said Women keep pressing that they have a right to inflame men’s passions without some sort of repercussion, what i get from here he mean this women try to inflame men’s passion without realize there’s a risk of topless in public or teasing men but don’t want to get the risk. My respond is at this time to make a change is not easy when we try to make a change (legalize women topless), there’s some or most people that don’t agree because they always perceived breast are sexual and because they are majority, they think they are right means this kind of confidence believe make more difficult for topless organization to make a change without a risk but doesn’t mean topless equality are impossible it’s possible the real problem is how we perceived this topless equality because men have ability to control themselves (statement from female psychologist) and we need process in making a change.

Next he said A proper time and place and reason to bring out the puppies – otherwise don’t distract me with those things unless you’re going to share them, and satisfy me Don’t you think Kerry try to said he have rights to “play” some sex if women go topless at public? Then he continue not necessarily with sex either – I stopped that in favor of getting swallowed via safer oral sex method until after marriage i don’t know folk but what he wrote was digusting so he wants to get oral from women who fight for topless equality because he was horny? Facepalm also to rude comment about oral sex at this non-sex web, there’s a time for sex but there’s a time to respect women’s rights or equality, this what i said this kind of believe that make this movement difficult to flow.

Then his second comment
Kerry F**** II because women aren’t tryng to suck a man’s nipples (or other body parts) like men want when the see any bare part of a woman, especially if it is otherwise against a particular society’s ‘norms’. I know even Ukrainian men (I am from US) look at bare-breasted women on the beach too long – then women feel uncomfortable or are into it for the tease aspect. Maybe when women are just as aggressive as men then going topless or nudity won;t be such a big deal (problem). I know if I would walk around with my genials half-showing I would be arrested – yet women are allowed and even encouraged by complicit men (not law enforcement).

Women don’t try to suck men’s nipples? Wrong i have experience watching porn and i found many women love with men’s nipples if you know what i mean.

Also he try to said in this comment >> look if women topless we will objectified you, my answer i think if women want to topless, men can see breast of course but there’s 2 type of men; men that respect equality and look at breast not too long plus without thinking of sex and the other type are people that believe men are perveted people that can’t see breast without objectfying it . Also actually both men and women love to see their opposite gender’s top but what i found difficult are streotype that we get from child that “men love to objectified women ” .

This person really pissed me off, Genital are not equivalent with boobs! How can it become equal if men exposed their chest plus their penis means exposed men ass too while women only topless- naked men and topless women aren’t equal , How can it become equal if women see penis plus men’s arse while men (not mean to objectify) only see women topless that’s not equal at all! And we encourage gotopless because men already can topless at public!!! don’t twisted it to “if women topless men should naked” this statement is stupid then if women can naked men what? masturbate? to be touch? So that’s why we support this movement for true equality, OMG tapioka brain! This was because of ideology that only women should be shame of their body… next,

Dave **** ive said it once, and ill say it again, women are arguing over nothing. men are only allowed to be topless on the beach and maybe on their property/neighborhoond. men still need to cover up at stores/schools. women are allowed to wear basically nothing as it is on beaches, and if they want, they can go to nude beaches too. I consider guys who walk around shirtless to be trash anyway.

Well i don’t know Europe, America or other Western law about “obscene” but from what i know if women topless at public people will automatically labelled her as whores and can get to jailed and maybe some placed like in stores men can’t topless but it will tolerated if he did while women still can get arrested if even topless at a beach.

That’s all for this LLAATEC part 1 and i will fight to make a change! Stranger you can follow this blog and read my other view that support topless equality, Thanks!

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25th August Gotopless Day, let’s support it!!!

Well i live in Asia and not in Europe so the success of this topless equality organization will not affect me and my society or if it failed yup maybe little bit upset but i still and will support this action, why ? this is my reason.

Both of us have breast, a male breast and female breast yet only female breast are obscene i just don’t get it why we must have a different legal system based on the gender because Both male and female are human being, we are equal. for me personally it’s unfair. also it’s weird you know when i saw that a very little girl with flat chest must covered their top whereas a guy with a moobs or guy with big chest are very very free to topless at public. Both of us have breast , have nipples , covered by similar skin yet only women breast are obscene. Yes most of women’s breast are bigger in size but i don’t think that we must based it on sized, it’s like both of us have genitalia, men have penis and women have vagina but only penis are obscene because their genitalia are bigger than vagina, it’s not like that rights? so i don’t agree if we choose what must be obscene based on size or gender.

The second reason that i always hear from society are women can get raped if they topless, i personally don’t think this is a valid idea, Maybe men can get horny by breast but men can and have an ability to control their desire from doing sexual assault to women, so it more depend on men’s perception. Also men easily get horny because most of the culture forbid women to topless, the more it covered the more it become captivating when it come to revealed. In Europe there’s some placed where women are free to topless, and from what i know sexual harrasment is very rare there or the sexual crime was not bigger than the placed that forbid women to topless . So it’s become normal there just like women see men bare chest.

The third reason that i always hear from people that don’t agree with topless equality were it’s objectified women, it’s degrading women. Well I don’t think to have a true equality where both men and women can see each other‘s top at public are degrading to only women. This kind of thought that topless women are degrading women or women that did that are immoral are just indoctrination that we all get from childhood plus the perception by our society that this double standard can’t be questioned anymore and everybody who dare to questioned it are immoral moron (which now i don’t agree and don’t really care what society will think about my view).

Also why i support this topless equality because i have tired of double standard perception from my society like a women that even still covered her breast at public but little bit sexy are count by my society as ‘degrading women’ or ‘men objectified women’ but if the situation reverse even a men can more exposed their body like often bare chest or using only underwear and are okay by my society. The worse were once I watched a public television that show a documentary about a tribe where only the men are naked and uncensored so i saw a bunch of penis uncensored on legal tv and if the situation reverse even a women in bikini are censored by my media that’s why this double standard really really pissed me off!. To be honest i’m more likely to choose both of them censored equally.

That’s all, So i hope stranger that accidentally read this article can help to spread this article and feel free for it.

almost same rights?


So support and for TRUE EQUALITY


THX for reading, spread this message

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Why Hijab is sexist and why it’s degrading men too

As a Black Knight – a supporter of Men issues i want to point out why hijab is sexist. but Don’t take this the wrong way this is NOT about ‘covered are sexist’ or ‘men want to objectified women’ . I will tell you how hijab ideologies are not equal for men ( well women get unfairness too by this ideologies ). So before you left a comment read my point first . First i want to point out how it is never equal:
1. High double standard : women must covered most of their body parts . Especially in Muslim country where women covered 99% of their bodies from hand, arm, leg, thigh even hair and face. Not only that i found that most of them love to use double even triple of layer, even just to covered their hair. And don’t forget hijab women wear it anywhere and every single time of their life.


But when we come to see Muslim male , they don’t have to covered strictly like their female . Most Muslim men can have same standard like Western men , even in my society Muslim men love to use only short, often shirtless. In strict Muslim society, women always forbid to wear this and that, even showing a single hair is wrong ,reverse the situation and you’ll find men are always tolerated what to wear even if sometime it is innappropriate .Which i think it is high double standard and never be equal.

2. High double standard in my society too : well not all Muslim country forced women to use burqa ,like in my society they are more free, i admit that but it still have high double standard because most women wear hijab and the women who choose not wear a scarf still wear clothes in proper manner but in reverse situation Muslim men here often shirtless, use short, pee outdoor whenever they see a tree even if many women there. That make me sick, they teach women to covered but teach men to be shameless.

Now i will point out how it’s degrading for men :

A. Double standard Perception : Muslim society believe that it is degrading for women to use sexy cloths on public , they said it is very unrespected for women to wear something sexy. so most of women covered strictly most of their body part .that means hijab women actually covered because they believe it is degrading for women if a men see their bodies right? They don’t like men to see their bodies. So my problems are, if we are equal why it is wrong for men to see women bodies whereas they are accepted to see men bodies ? yes hijab women are accepted to see men shirtless , using only short , pee in public places but they forbid men to see even only hair or arms. Hijab women feel innocent to see men bodies but feel direspected by men if the situation reverse. They said it women’s dignity, so why men not forbid women too to see men’s bodies for true equality.

B. Double standard in media : This’s my experience from my Muslim society but i can guarantee you no big different in other Muslim country. Okay my media always censored if they want to put a picture of women in bikini , they said we respect women and there’s always a penalty for media that dare to show women in bikini etc . i don’t have problem with this , my real problem are in the double standard .Why when the situation reverse they tolerated and accepted if it is a men who bare chest using short on tv ,and sometimes i saw they not censored a men using only underwear at television ( crime news for example). The worse is media always said only women are objectified not men , this really pissed me off !! men more often objectified in media yet media can only see women who are objectified

men never get violence they said

I remember when i saw a crime news where the men are stripped almost naked because he was a thief and many hijab women at there also on television no censored. I also remember a reality show showing a tribe men naked no censored too. yes you can see the penis on national Tv ! the tribe women ? fortunately in that culture only men are naked. So even it already show penis on tv, society act like nothing happened . Oh yeah because penis is male genitalia so it’s okey for them show on Tv without censored . actually this is degrading men ! but the worse is no one care. Can you imagine when the situation reverse ? society will get mad and said “it’s degrading women”or”why always women objectified?” well i say bullshit. I remember when all Muslim men gathered to forbid Lady Gaga show just because she wear sexy clothes. WTF ! can you see double standard here?!

C. Muslim always compared apropriate women bodies with innappropriate men’s bodies: I remember when most people in my society thinks women in bikini are equal with men naked , Shit ! actually if men naked they are more innapropriate than women just in bikini, but most of them feel it’s equal because of their double standard culture . i saw the news on Tv where society help to covered unconsious women in bikini at public (which they always do if see women in unpropper dressed) but if they see naked crazy men on street no one care because that naked person is men! even society see it as a prank! yeah this is real because that crazy naked men near my house when i was a kid , i always saw him when return from school, my society act like nothing happened once again because he is a men .

D. Hijab women are selfish : they forbid men to see even only their hair, thinks men are a pig if men see women bodies . but do they realize they can also see men bodies at public without people labelled them . Hypocrite !

I remember when one hijab women tweets by not wearing hijab and showing their hair same like naked and degrading women, WTF! So in her mind if men just see her hair that men is a sex offender and that’s why they always complain that men are objectified them because men see a single hair is count as harrasment and remember this women still free and tolerated to see men bodies.

E. Men are seen as rapist : their reason to wear it all the time are so that they can free from rape , so men will rape you in mall just because men see your hair? WTF!

So this is why i can’t take hijab ideologies seriously, That’s why if my society thinks hijab ideologies is good, i will say BULLSHIT & it is MISANDRY!! it has many high double standard and become difficult to protest because this ideologies has spread and become their basic culture . Also they started to teach this ideology to you when you was a kid so it is like brainwashed, they think it is holy if only women are covered. i better live in society where men and women both can naked on public place or both of them must covered because that is a true equality.

Oh yeah they love to do useless think too , no racist just protest the doublestandard.

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