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Asia sexist tradition : Sexist Camping (Edited More Good Version)

So this happened when i was young, but i just want to give an example of what i say double standar objectfication. Year ago i went to camping with my academic group. I went there for about 3 days, actually we are having fun there but again i found sexism there which i have already predict can happen and really happened and even worse.

Okey in this camping there were two tend for male and female student. Each both men and women can go to another tend of their opposite sex, fair enough for me. So the case happened at night i just take a bath after activities and went to my male tend and i saw there’s a group of female student on male camp playing and chating which other male which i don’t recognize really well who they are because this camping activities entangle large group of people from my academic, and many other male student in that camp busy with their activities-playing guitar, singing, playing card, eating, chating etc. So suddenly a man – from group where a male and female student combine in male tend, gained an attention, he started to ask the female to closed their eyes because he wants to change his pants, yeah and he did it changed his pant with a female beside him but this is not over, other male – 3 or 5, started to asked the female to continue to closed their eyes because this 3 or 5 men want to change change their pants and underwear too. At first i think this guy are just joking but HELL they really did it 3 or 5 male started to changed his underwear near the female student and make a joke if this women want to see it-penis and ass that really astonished me when this group of guy easily change their underwear and even naked with female friend beside them and other male that saw it just laugh at it like it was something normal.

Now i will explained why this cased really really pissed me off. First this is not a porn star who went for camping this is normal camping still count as public place so if a male student dare to bottomless – not using underwear and even naked beside a female student, for me it’s obscene make it more worsed are other male that see that only cheering and laughing. Second it’s not about whether that female student see male’s bottomless or not but the double standard perception. can you imagine if the situation reverse? No even the reverse situation will never ever happen ! but if it still happen, just imagine If a group of female bottomless in their tend with male student beside it, what happen next can be predicted first other women started to covered that bottomless women & it will labelled either as a female sexual harrasment or degrading women but since it was the men who are naked they think it is something normal and just a prank! Also i repeat in my Asia culture this kind of reverse situation will never ever happen ! female will not do it – changing clothes with a male friend near her, So this is really double standard!
Third to be more specific, female in my culture are sensitive they don’t like showing their bodies to a men, even something that’s actually not obscene are forbid by women like men are the predator. but in reverse situation the male easily and often show their body to women at public even if it already obscene (ex men naked) still tolerated even see as something normal or prank by my society, means society see women use sexy wear as something very taboo and degrading women but in reverse situation even if men already naked are still okey or seen as prank or normal by my fucking society.

Look i have no problem if women don’t want men to see her bodies but i protest to the double standard perception from my asia culture. i really emotional but i can’t suddenly angry at there even i have a my own reason because i will be only looked like a douchebag when i do that or maybe i get a punch too, So i wrote this here on my blog for everyone who read this to know my reason and i hope at least there are men who will become aware of this objecfication double standard. That is all i want to said thanks for reading.



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Topless Equality

I support topless equality! come on sign the petition to support it .either women can go topless in public or men should wear something to close their chest.because it’s all about equality ,both men and women have the same rights to go topless if they wants and both of us have same rights to see nipples of their opposite sex.

My other reasons are:

1. Men have nipples too.

That’s what it’s about really. The ability to display nipples. Women can wear as skimpy of a top as they want, it is not considered “obscene” until the nipplage is showing.

What is different from a man’s nipple and a woman’s nipple?

2. A mans nipple doesn’t give milk and its not an eroginous zone (at least not usually).

milk is irrelevant, because the issue is what is visible on the surface of the skin.Also if you read the article, nuring mothers can legally expose their nipples in order to feed the baby.

Also, nipples definitely are an erogenous zone on men. Ever had a woman lick/suck/bite your nipples?women do respond to men chests.ask any women they strongly and sexually react to a well cut chests.  Indeed. Girls get turned on by guys with no shirts, and men get turned on by women with no shirts. So, I support equality for women to go topless!

3. Life is too short. We need to live and live life fully as it was meant. If we hide our bodies, we only let pornography have free rein. But if we allow being naked as being good, not bad or sexual, then we can all be free.

4. It’s basically a double standard and society’s fear of a female’s body. I say if men are allowed to go shirtless, women should be allowed to as well. There’s nothing shameful about the very human organs that allow most babies to grow big and strong; it’s completely natural and should not be treated as something to be ashamed of.

5. About rape, there are nude beach in Vancouver..never heard of rape or assualt on children or adult at it (from people that live there).also in Bali yes women still cannot topless but many women wear bikini there, but never heard rape or assault on  women at it and in different place atjeh where the women are all using hijab there are still hear plenty of rape cases there.

6. And i don’t say when women can topless they must be topless all the time,no but women can go topless when they feel comfortable for them.use bra all the time can make breast cancer.

7. And my last point is, i live in Asia…where men are not allowed to see women using bra at public and even Muslim women doesn’t allowing men to see their hair or face. So why women are allowed to see men’s chest if we are equal?

note:breast are not equivalent of penises/genitalia, so compared top with top

#womenrights #mensright



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