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So i just watch a video about ‘morality on western society’ that was made by mra’s member on youtube. I’m not sure whether this video was really upload by him because in this video his point of view are different, quite opposite from his other video and its make me confused. Okay no problem if this video really made by him but i just want to tell to you his point of view and my opinion, my way of view.

The video is about how he protest to western society about morality that are gone on western society, he give an example by showing this picture.


Yes Miley Cyrus that sing on her performance show. this is his point of view,after showing this picture he than said

“tell me if i’m wrong does this look like a girl stripping to you? Does this look like a stripper to you? pay attention to the googling little girl all looking at her,look at the female audience how they (other girl) looking directly to the line of the pool (Cyrus), Look how they looking at her! this is a role model little girl, this girl must be i don’t know she must be 13 / 14 years old little girl. Look at how they looking at her!, this is what we saw every single day! There’s breast cartoon on tv that teach girl how to use their body, this is how moral have been thrown out of the window.and this is why along with a menrights movement we also need a moral movement”

Okey i think you all already know what he want to say folks, this men don’t like a young girl singing and dancing because she look like a stripper in this men eyes when she move. Okay i understand if some people don’t like sensual show (usually this only talking about female) but what ‘s seen in this picture just a young girl singing and dancing with a proper clothes! This is pure young girl not a stripper! when she cringed maybe this girl accidentaly look like a “stripper” but she is NOT! How come he judge her like that ? just because she cringed on her performance? (what i mean cringed is same like on an above picture, sorry for my poor English)

It’s so funny as a male even when first time when i see this pic i personally don’t see anything sexual from this young girl. Okey next this is what he said

“keep in mind that this girl do here it’s perfectly legal, there’s nothing illegal about what this girl doing here”

Of course legal because to be honest really nothing wrong with this girl singing, she just try to give her best performance. Look she wear a proper clothes, sing and dancing i repeat it’s fine to do that. Don’t just because when she cringed you suddenly remember a stripper so this girl also become a stripper in your eyes.

“can you think a teenager , a young girl can tell the different between Hanah Montana and Miley Cyrus here? This is how the indoctrination will continue. Look at the girl’s face, look how they see, look at the picture you are looking right now, they face cleary tell ‘when i grow up i want to be like that, i want to be like a stripper / hooker dancing like that’ and no!no! idiot not because i can’t get laid dumbasses! This is because i don’t want our society go down to the toilet!not because i can’t get laid but because i don’t want to see so called role model for young women to be training like this ehmm ehheh ..hufff”

I DON’T have any IDEA what he is talking about ! this young audience girl know that Cyrus is not a stripper and if they want to imitated Cyrus , they will imitated her skill of singing, dancing and her beautifulness. This young girls are not stupid, How come if a girl favourite a singer (Cyrus) then she become stripper?! WTF.

And also what to do with a young girl watching Miley Cyrus has to do with ‘go down to toilet?’

“if women don’t want to do it then it’s up to men to do it, this is not acceptable! I don’t want..that why i would never if i had a daughter, God i want a boy!because i don’t want to be chasing a 13 / 14 years horny boy trying to get laid with my daughter, you know if women don’t want reestablished morality than we will do it men! Ee my objective, i’ll make it clear right knowi’m not taking equal right because we can obtained all equal rights, thing can be completely equal and both can be bunch degenerated uhm men and women”

He gone to far, from a girl Miley Cyrus singing and dancing which is still in proper manner suddenly he talk about stripper then sex now a boy chasing her imaginary daughter? WTF!

I know everbody have different opinion and i can’t control what you all want to think but don’t you think this kind of thinking is ‘overdose’? Cyrus was not naked when she singing and dancing she even wear a proper clothes why just because she cringed you see that as sexual? And also why you think to have daughter is a risk? Everything has its own risk.To have a kid are good, no matter what gender is it even when i’m a MRA i’m happy to have a daughter. Also he think that a 13 years old boy will trying to get laid with a her imaginary young daughter just because she cringed is weird thinking i guess.

I even don’t think sexy women or naked women are something wrong, i means you can see at tribe or nude beach, both men and women are naked right? And it’s normal there get it? ‘only women naked is bad’ are social construct, get it? The more something is hidden the more it captivated you when it come to reveal. And what’s questioning me right now are why? Why only women dress code that always been discuss? Is there really bad if men see women bodies then vice versa? We are equal why must have double standard? And morality for me is something ‘grey ‘, establishing morality can be good but it can also be barrier for who want to questioned what is morality is, it‘s like religion difficult to questioned it and sometime to defend it means defending a ‘false knowledge’.

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Asia sexist tradition : Sexist Camping (Edited More Good Version)

So this happened when i was young, but i just want to give an example of what i say double standar objectfication. Year ago i went to camping with my academic group. I went there for about 3 days, actually we are having fun there but again i found sexism there which i have already predict can happen and really happened and even worse.

Okey in this camping there were two tend for male and female student. Each both men and women can go to another tend of their opposite sex, fair enough for me. So the case happened at night i just take a bath after activities and went to my male tend and i saw there’s a group of female student on male camp playing and chating which other male which i don’t recognize really well who they are because this camping activities entangle large group of people from my academic, and many other male student in that camp busy with their activities-playing guitar, singing, playing card, eating, chating etc. So suddenly a man – from group where a male and female student combine in male tend, gained an attention, he started to ask the female to closed their eyes because he wants to change his pants, yeah and he did it changed his pant with a female beside him but this is not over, other male – 3 or 5, started to asked the female to continue to closed their eyes because this 3 or 5 men want to change change their pants and underwear too. At first i think this guy are just joking but HELL they really did it 3 or 5 male started to changed his underwear near the female student and make a joke if this women want to see it-penis and ass that really astonished me when this group of guy easily change their underwear and even naked with female friend beside them and other male that saw it just laugh at it like it was something normal.

Now i will explained why this cased really really pissed me off. First this is not a porn star who went for camping this is normal camping still count as public place so if a male student dare to bottomless – not using underwear and even naked beside a female student, for me it’s obscene make it more worsed are other male that see that only cheering and laughing. Second it’s not about whether that female student see male’s bottomless or not but the double standard perception. can you imagine if the situation reverse? No even the reverse situation will never ever happen ! but if it still happen, just imagine If a group of female bottomless in their tend with male student beside it, what happen next can be predicted first other women started to covered that bottomless women & it will labelled either as a female sexual harrasment or degrading women but since it was the men who are naked they think it is something normal and just a prank! Also i repeat in my Asia culture this kind of reverse situation will never ever happen ! female will not do it – changing clothes with a male friend near her, So this is really double standard!
Third to be more specific, female in my culture are sensitive they don’t like showing their bodies to a men, even something that’s actually not obscene are forbid by women like men are the predator. but in reverse situation the male easily and often show their body to women at public even if it already obscene (ex men naked) still tolerated even see as something normal or prank by my society, means society see women use sexy wear as something very taboo and degrading women but in reverse situation even if men already naked are still okey or seen as prank or normal by my fucking society.

Look i have no problem if women don’t want men to see her bodies but i protest to the double standard perception from my asia culture. i really emotional but i can’t suddenly angry at there even i have a my own reason because i will be only looked like a douchebag when i do that or maybe i get a punch too, So i wrote this here on my blog for everyone who read this to know my reason and i hope at least there are men who will become aware of this objecfication double standard. That is all i want to said thanks for reading.



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Double Standard = Sexist

Before we go to my headline topic first i want to tell you something what i think, that is men get easily aroused by women bodies is because of social construct and is assumed naturally sexually arousing , this included breast. Confused? Let me explain my reason , in modern societies breasts is viewed as sexual and maybe most of men will turn on by seeing women breast but doesn’t mean it biologically-based, if you see in tribal societies a topless women are not a big deal there. They see it (breast) as something normal. And in reverse situation in Muslim country men ussually turn on just because they see women hair or neck and that’s why Muslim society assumed 99% of women bodies are sexual. Why this happen? Because it is HIDDEN from public , Yes the more less we see the more we interested on it. That is fetishes, what is hiding whether it is breast , leg , or even hair make men or women become more intrigued.

In Bali around 1930 it’s okay for women to be topless at public and it’s normal, if you see on youtube documentary both men and women just do they routined activity there even the women are topless because they have accostumed by that but now topless women are illegal there so when a women topless there maybe men will get aroused. Even In America around the turn of last century seeing an ankle was sexy because they were always covered and now in America seeing ankle not something arousing right? When i was young and never see nudity i easily aroused and turn on when seeing picture of nude women , i must masturbate but now i don’t easily turn on by picture of nude women i can control it ( still i respect women bodies ). Now i can perceived nudity as something natural not always something sexual anymore, depend on what’s the situation and my willingness.

So Female breast or other women’s body parts are viewed as sexual or not depend on the culture . i believe Media and government plays an important role in the way that women breast or other parts are perceived. Covering is captivating , if you see the same thing all the time, it’s not a big deal. I repeat the more body part is hidden the more likely it become WOW when it come to revealing.

Now back to topic, i want to tell you what’s sexism according to my point of view. Okay, folks please dont never ever to except double standard on your society as equality . i don’t believe in double standard. Especially when it come to how society forced what you must do with your body, if you are women you must covered this and that blablabla, if you are men just covered this and you are free and then they said it’s equal. NO! They are wrong folks! men and women both are natural human bodies, both of them born naked so they must be treated fairly like i have explain on above paragraph it’s all a social construct whether breast fetishes or even hair fetishes in Middle East. I more likely to except both of men and women can naked in public than one of the gender are free to wear what they want and other is not. Oh and don’t say its small useless thing, because when a good women used sexy clothes or exposed breast ,society will just view her as a whores even she is not , and maybe she can be punished too or some men can feel oppresed why always wrong, immoral and forbid to see women bodies in public even as something natural or women’s beauty ,society will just think that men as ‘bad or harrasser’, Me for example.

Okay maybe you will said that “i don’t agree with what you said there’s no valid evidence about your social construct or breast fetish”. Yes this is not a sciencetific blog and i will not forced you to agree with what i think. But even if my opinion is not valid i still believe equal treatment to both men and women ,why? Because even if it is true men are biologically-based easily aroused by women bodies it’s still not fair if women can easily see men bodies whereas men are not ,or women that exposed her body is a bad girl but it’s okay whenever boy do it. Biological-based is not the point to except double standard as equality. Think out of box men have an ability to control their desire too even if breast are fetish and they can accostumed. you can see on some place in Europe for example. So women have rights too to gotopless or if a women want to covered it’s not problem for me. but please make an equal law, men must covered too! because it’s unfair if in my society women are acceptable to see men bodybuilder or male criminal using only underwear on television even make jokes at it whereas in reverse situation it will never ever happen! Even media will just censored if it is exposing women bodies , even when men see just a women breast’s line it can be count as objectified women in my society. that’s injustice !! That’s why i hope either both of the gender must covered their body part equally or expose it equally in public for true equality.
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