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The Limited Edition Of Crazyman In The World !


Women have equal rights to topless at public if men can did it (no, it’s not mean “slut” like your prejudice just normal topless atmosphere like men did), and nothing wrong for men seeing topless female at public in non sexual context especially when women saw shirtless men all the time (it possible men can confirm with it, there’s enough good example of that especially in some Europe place) *Men can still attracted to topless women but it admiring, and it’s okay (just like women admiring shirtless men), and it different from obsession that come from always hiding female bodies (/over sexualize it). So this video to support topless equality so that more people have open minded (from their bad prejudice on us). The playlist either contain the parade of free the nipple, gotopless, place where free the nipple is no big deal, or argument on why it’s possible.

Argentina Free The Nipple Protest [21 september 2017]

*Note that I don’t understand their language, and the thing that I did here is for supporting freethenipple

Tetazo Nacional [19 february 2017]

International Gotopless Day 2016 [11 february 2017]

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 1

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 2

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 3

Free The Nipple Campaign and Experiment, Credit to Chelsea Covington

Maryam Namazie speech on free the nipple, and body equality

Japanese Public Art Show

Fair Enough! Both Gender Topless Equally When Dance, so Both Male & Female Audience Can See Their Opposite Gender Topless Equally (Genitalia Covered Equally)

Miley Cyrus Fans For Equality

Rebtel Adv Free The Nipple NYC

Gotopless 2015

*I Have Not Fully Watch All Of This Gotopless 2015 Video. The One I Post Must Be Supporting FTN

Wish Topless Equality Campaign More Success In Future

Thank to Rachel Jessee for organizing Gotopless!

Free The Nipple Viral Videos

This is video with many viewer, unfortunately there’s still a comment & dislikes from people who doesn’t understand equality, but keep fighting for this. Nip=Nip both same anatomy, and genitalia=genitalia

People who born & live in society which apply double standards will easily think Free The Nipple is impossible if they realize it actually possible

When They Said Society Must Be Modest, That Hypocrite Actually Mean Women Only

Half nudity (topless) of female is accepted in some place in past, has now change.. yet full nudity of male body in past still exist till today (i know it), not a great fairness that apply by prudish feminist, and/ or religiuous people.

She Express Herself on Instagram’s Topless Double Standard Policy

She talk about how #facebook and #instagram are sexist and i agree, my experience if a video of a bunch of men naked bottomless  (blurred) and nipples show.. even if it was reported on #Facebook , they (Fb, and Ig) just ignored it.. but if a women topless (not even naked) and nipple even already blurred, still can get banned if it reported, if i compared this two: the men side are more vulgar (show skin) right? but the women only that get banned

Gotopless 2013

Free The Nipple Teaser

Scout Willis

Thanks Lina Esco for creating Free The Nipple campaign

Breast are not equal to penis

Bcoz it’s genitalia that’s used for reproduction and equal with vagina-genitalia & for reproduction too.

Gotopless 2014 Venice beach

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