Momotaro 69

The Limited Edition Of Crazyman In The World !


Article on religion & feminine feminist’s hypocrisy if it come to dresscode

Maryam Namazie speech on body equality & free the nipple

Oppression of female bodies by religion. Need more people like her to stand up for gender equality

Don’t Afraid To Express Ourself on Equality

This is why we need not to be quiet, start move our lazy butt because sexist ideology are everywhere ready to grow if we just shut up and more difficult to opposed it if they grow #equality

If Your Core View Equality As “Innapropriate”, You Can Never Apply Fairness

That’s why these (Sorry) Muslim believe have already sexist mindset on the first place

Talk To Deluded People

That’s why i don’t like RADICAL

How come I saw Majority can think make sense Tolerated Half or Even Full Naked Male, yet think should interrupt if it a female..even this video below only because little bit skin/hair!?

She Actually Dressed Mannerly Right? But Still Become Big Deal In Muslim Country – Big Deal Bcoz Of Ridiculous Reason Btw The Male Can Even Wear Underwear Only (Beach) at Public. That’s Why Don’t Keep Quiet Bcoz This Harsh Manner Will Grow If You Only Silent #LongLiveFreedomOfSpeech #StopSexism

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