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Double Standard = Sexist

Before we go to my headline topic first i want to tell you something what i think, that is men get easily aroused by women bodies is because of social construct and is assumed naturally sexually arousing , this included breast. Confused? Let me explain my reason , in modern societies breasts is viewed as sexual and maybe most of men will turn on by seeing women breast but doesn’t mean it biologically-based, if you see in tribal societies a topless women are not a big deal there. They see it (breast) as something normal. And in reverse situation in Muslim country men ussually turn on just because they see women hair or neck and that’s why Muslim society assumed 99% of women bodies are sexual. Why this happen? Because it is HIDDEN from public , Yes the more less we see the more we interested on it. That is fetishes, what is hiding whether it is breast , leg , or even hair make men or women become more intrigued.

In Bali around 1930 it’s okay for women to be topless at public and it’s normal, if you see on youtube documentary both men and women just do they routined activity there even the women are topless because they have accostumed by that but now topless women are illegal there so when a women topless there maybe men will get aroused. Even In America around the turn of last century seeing an ankle was sexy because they were always covered and now in America seeing ankle not something arousing right? When i was young and never see nudity i easily aroused and turn on when seeing picture of nude women , i must masturbate but now i don’t easily turn on by picture of nude women i can control it ( still i respect women bodies ). Now i can perceived nudity as something natural not always something sexual anymore, depend on what’s the situation and my willingness.

So Female breast or other women’s body parts are viewed as sexual or not depend on the culture . i believe Media and government plays an important role in the way that women breast or other parts are perceived. Covering is captivating , if you see the same thing all the time, it’s not a big deal. I repeat the more body part is hidden the more likely it become WOW when it come to revealing.

Now back to topic, i want to tell you what’s sexism according to my point of view. Okay, folks please dont never ever to except double standard on your society as equality . i don’t believe in double standard. Especially when it come to how society forced what you must do with your body, if you are women you must covered this and that blablabla, if you are men just covered this and you are free and then they said it’s equal. NO! They are wrong folks! men and women both are natural human bodies, both of them born naked so they must be treated fairly like i have explain on above paragraph it’s all a social construct whether breast fetishes or even hair fetishes in Middle East. I more likely to except both of men and women can naked in public than one of the gender are free to wear what they want and other is not. Oh and don’t say its small useless thing, because when a good women used sexy clothes or exposed breast ,society will just view her as a whores even she is not , and maybe she can be punished too or some men can feel oppresed why always wrong, immoral and forbid to see women bodies in public even as something natural or women’s beauty ,society will just think that men as ‘bad or harrasser’, Me for example.

Okay maybe you will said that “i don’t agree with what you said there’s no valid evidence about your social construct or breast fetish”. Yes this is not a sciencetific blog and i will not forced you to agree with what i think. But even if my opinion is not valid i still believe equal treatment to both men and women ,why? Because even if it is true men are biologically-based easily aroused by women bodies it’s still not fair if women can easily see men bodies whereas men are not ,or women that exposed her body is a bad girl but it’s okay whenever boy do it. Biological-based is not the point to except double standard as equality. Think out of box men have an ability to control their desire too even if breast are fetish and they can accostumed. you can see on some place in Europe for example. So women have rights too to gotopless or if a women want to covered it’s not problem for me. but please make an equal law, men must covered too! because it’s unfair if in my society women are acceptable to see men bodybuilder or male criminal using only underwear on television even make jokes at it whereas in reverse situation it will never ever happen! Even media will just censored if it is exposing women bodies , even when men see just a women breast’s line it can be count as objectified women in my society. that’s injustice !! That’s why i hope either both of the gender must covered their body part equally or expose it equally in public for true equality.
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Hijab logic 2

I saw a news about Tunisia girl who support femen by publishing her topless photo , first of all i respect all women choice whether she wants to be topless or covered, i respect what Amina did because her opinion is women’s bodies should not always be treated as shame (which i agree), i also don’t see breast as sexual object . then i saw a tweet or comment on fb from hijab women that are very angry because of that act and also angry to femen movement, one of the tweet from one of them are ‘’the message of femen is not for women but men: i will be free to serve you better as an object of your mastubatory fantasies” ( hijab’s tweet ) , i don’t agree by this comment first because if men want to masturbate they can just watch porn not topless femen , even i don’t see topless women as an object but this hijab women generalized all men used women as object whenever men see sexy women which is fall analogy and also hijab women are hypocrsy for me , they forbid men to see even her hair whereas she feel free to see men bare chest, they enjoy men topless but get mad when women topless. Double Standard !

So i reply her tweet about why she have no problem to guy stripping but get problem when women do it, hypocrsy and then she immidiately reply “how stupid you’re men are not use as commodity like women” wait so she believe only women can be objectified? “men have privileges in this world one of them by using women” sound’s like childish person .sexist happened to both men and women, where is the prove always men are predators? You know what because for hijab women every things is offensive, look how they always forbid men to see even her hair ,arms etc. so when men see her hair “OH NO! Men see our hair ,he used us as commodity!” that’s how they perceive gender issues narrow minded hijab women . they got problem women topless, but it’s fine when they go to beach seeing men only using underwear and they said it’s not hypocrsy because only women that can be objectified so whatever hijab women do is innocent . yes that’s not hypocrsy but Super hypocrsy for me !

And then now Amina is in dangered because of her protest act because she live in Tunisia , yeah a Muslim society with peace and tolerance .that want to stoned that girl because of her freedom of speech! WTF! And all hijab women hate her like on this fb comment ”she’s not tunisian women anymore , she is european mind” . So hypocrsy hijab women started to intimidate her because of breast that all women have.

This is why i can’t take Muslim feminist seriously, i just Can’t !! Hijab women love to talks about even small thing that they think disadvantage them but act like nothing happens if they do a double standard . they believe that men and women topless at public is sexist but when women use body bags and men using only underwear at beach is equal for them ,Weird Right?

I’m Darknesspinokio or Crazyman , spread the message No to Hijab in other to make equal and balance world.

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Femen Tunisia Amina

An Islamist preacher says a Femen Tunisia (Amina 19) who post a topless photo of herself bearing the slogans “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honours “ deserved to be stoned to die.

So a Muslim men can bare chest whenever they wants but if a women once do it she deserved to be stoned to died? WTF !

Do you know Middle East Muslim’s actual dresscoded ? not big problem if men expose all of parts their body in public only penis was matter whereas women can only exposed their eyes

so MAKE A CHANGE before you and your society get brainwashed by this sick culture

Support Amina from facing that intimidation ,and stoned punishment or imprisont from that fucking religion of peace and tolerance !
#womenrights #equality #atheist #mensrights

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kisses down low

From Kelly Rowland with love kisses down low . Great song, Excellence Message

“it sad that men can talk bout sex all the time, but when a women does, shes a slut bitches!! This 2013 fix your live”  Abz Abdulwahid

“pussy eating song… nice”  conebit3

#equality  message of oral sex

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perception of born and die

before you born you were an angel . your mom take care of you carefully when you were an embrio in her stomach , she eat a food with high nutrition for you , sing a mozzart song for you , your dad prepare the best baby needs for you , start to choose a school , prepare investation for your future. both of your parents preparing  a very good name for you because they wish you become a ‘somebody’ . your parent are very passionate, Day by day they patiently wait for you to born. when you come to this world it was a very great news, your parent give a hundred thanks to God , your big family are happy , friends congrazt your parents. your mom stop working because she wants to take care for you and it’s like the best day for your parent , you are an angel treated like a king by your society , loved and respected , happy moment and so on .

Then one day your journey in this world will end when you die. at first your family and closed friend are very sad because of your passed except your parent because they usually go before you , so they know nothing. your family and friend come to the funeral home to give you the last respect but most of them afraid to see your corpse. crowded or not it depends on your money. but this sadness will last only for three to five days then your relatives will not see your physical body forever . slowly but surely you will be forgotten , maybe your dippressed son or daughter tell they feeling to other and that anymous will say ” stop saying that shit, s/he already died. passed will always be passed forget it and move on!” yes live person doesn’t like to talk about dead people , it’s like something bad luck . If you are an avarage person you will be fastly forgotten,  nobody know or care about you anymore , your family believe your soul already go to heaven where you actually just rotten six feet under the ground .nobody will remember you, except if you are famous great person or dumbass motherfucker assholes who always make a trouble or if you died in a silly and stupid way.

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No to hejab, indeed!

I reblogged this from Maryam Namazie

Iranian women’s rights campaigners and members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran staged a topless protest against the veil and Sharia in Stockholm in the run-up to 8 March, International Women’s Day.

No to hejab, indeed!- Maryam Namazie

I Agree with this article, till today Maryam has wrote how hejab oppressed women and Hejab is a symbol of sexism. i also want to add that hejab is an oppression of men too , men are forbid to see women’s hair, arm or even face but when the situations reverse women are free to see men’s bodies . If men want to see women’s body they’re immoral but if women want to see men’s bodies its okay no guilty feeling about it. that’s why i hate hejab ,it teach men to be shameless and women to feel shame of their’s body . so BRAVO Maryam Namazie this is for equality!

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Just Saying

today something interested me, i saw a headline tittle from newspaper that was written in big bold . its wrote “highschool girl forced to do oral sex” ,yeahh i just wish rape never exist . but it’s funny to know a good newspaper dare to wrote such headline in the first place ,for me it sound like “highschool girl forced to do blowjob”. i know if a group want to jokes about porn it’s their bussiness BUT this is for public there was a kid who can read this and this kind of headine can offended some people , for me personally i feel uncomfortable because if you read my previous article about ‘sexist sex’ you’ll know why i feel uncomfort – it’s difficult to explain but i feel shame because most men have no shame and feel sorry for the victim also the rapist .

here is the link to sexist sex Unabalance Oral Sex

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