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Raising Awareness Week : Cunnilingus For Equality

Respect for this girl actress who are okay for performing scene of guy going down on her (Momotaro69 feel grateful!), and also respect for this dude.

Remember Men want to go down too for their ladies! Women want get head from guy too!


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Cunnilingus Class – Key and Peele (Central Comedy)

Guy i also want to raise awareness of oral sex equality, why always women can go down? why always men get head? Key & Peele teaching you a best lesson that you never forget at Cunnilingus Class

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Support Equality in Porn

I just made a small experiment, i choosed randomly about 35 videos of oral sex from one porn website and i seperated it into 3 main group : blowjob only, Cunnilingus only and draw (like 69), so the result were:

blowjob only : 21
cunnilingus only : 8 by MEN not lesbi
fair game : 6

And i calculated it to a percent and the result is blowjob scene get the highest percent 60%, cunnlingus by men 22,8%, draw 17,1%. The ratio between cunnlingus and blowjob are 1:2,6.

From my small experiment i found the different between Bj and Cunni (not lesbi) where high enough don’t you think this is sexist? I mean sure some people will says it’s nature or it can’t be 100% equal, okay but social construct affect too the gender role in sex & i still don’t think if the different is high enough (where bj 60% and cunni 22,8%)are equal that’s still sexist, how can it be fair if only men get oral pleasure, how can it be fair if only women have rights to taste opposite sex’s genitalia and men give out something too. Cunnilingus have great sensation too and it’s not difficult to play “fair game”. If there are bj and cunni in one scene even if can’t be 100% equal i still can accept it than only bj scene that i always saw before…because i’m tired whenever i watch porn it’s always about blowjob fantasy, SUPPORT EQUALITY IN PORN!!!!

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My Short Conclusion about Muslim Porn

From my experience watching all kind of porn , especially observing Muslim hijab porn i come to conclusion about this type of porn. This is not racist nor other kind of that but this is fact plus my personal opinion. Muslim porn is the most sexist porn that i have ever watched , i don’t say other porn free from sexism but this is number one most sexist sex on my scale. Everytime you open hijab porn 99,99% you will find men nude, women in hijab with complete clothes or at least semi naked , blowjob close up, men cum, END ! and in hijab porn they 99,99% never do cunnilingus-which is my favourite. So this is HIGHHHHHHH double standard you know. The hijab women see and taste men’s vital part until ‘blow out’ and then see and taste again-if you know what i mean. In reverse situation muslim men do nothing only see little sexiness of hijab women, little touch to her to make HIM horny (you see the more women hidden their body make men more horny when it come to show it so hijab is good for making men more horny). For me personally men’s more objectified in this kind of porn because hijabi often & more ‘plays’ with penis than viceversa in sex but the worse is their society claim only women that are always objectified by men. Yeahh so in Muslim mind a men sees women in bikini is degrading women but their women always see and taste ‘bird’ in porn also the only one they did in sex, they never said.


kisses down low

From Kelly Rowland with love kisses down low . Great song, Excellence Message

“it sad that men can talk bout sex all the time, but when a women does, shes a slut bitches!! This 2013 fix your live”  Abz Abdulwahid

“pussy eating song… nice”  conebit3

#equality  message of oral sex

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Just Saying

today something interested me, i saw a headline tittle from newspaper that was written in big bold . its wrote “highschool girl forced to do oral sex” ,yeahh i just wish rape never exist . but it’s funny to know a good newspaper dare to wrote such headline in the first place ,for me it sound like “highschool girl forced to do blowjob”. i know if a group want to jokes about porn it’s their bussiness BUT this is for public there was a kid who can read this and this kind of headine can offended some people , for me personally i feel uncomfortable because if you read my previous article about ‘sexist sex’ you’ll know why i feel uncomfort – it’s difficult to explain but i feel shame because most men have no shame and feel sorry for the victim also the rapist .

here is the link to sexist sex Unabalance Oral Sex

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Sexist Sex

So i have already watch porn  for the last eight years ,  the same years when Joseph Alosius Ratzinger was chosen as a Pope Benediktus XVI and now resign as a Pope but fortunately i think i will not resign too from watching a porn .

Anyway from my long experience of watching porn something interested me and i think you all already know about it . so 90% of porn that i watch is all always and always about nude women andddd Dick Sucking, right? EVERY time i watch blue film from Europe, latin , Africa  Especially Asia and Middle East it ALWAYS about a men’s orgasm , women roles that only to pleasure a men and, women go down for men and so on. Even it’s very easy to find all blowjob fantasies in porn but when the situation reverse is hard to find the opposite one, So my question is WHERE’S THE CUNNILINGUS GONE ?! not a girl with a girl but men that perform oral sex on women  . You know because there is a men who love to go down for their women or women that are happy to get this kind of pleasure and men that want to see that kind of porn like ME. To be honest fellatio make me so Horny no doubt about it BUT i think it’s unfair if everytime you watch porn is all about fellatio,fellatio and fellatio again , it’s unfair if only women that have rights to go down to taste to make their lover orgasm , it’s unfair if only men that gets the pleasure. cunnilingus have a great sensation too for men and women and there’s nothing insulting  about cunnilingus.

And then about my society and feminism in my society’s view about PORNNN , so most of Asia feminism said that porn is degrading only women and ruined women’s dignity  , most of people in my society believe in it because in porn you can see nude women so they think it’s only harrasment for women BUT they forgot there’s always blowjob scene on that porn , i mean if this people count nude women as sexist how come they don’t count men’s cock that are suck till orgasm in most porn do as sexist  too? This is SEXIST . It’s like if there are many picture of sexy women in bikini and between that picture there’s about 2 or 3 picture of naked men so actually the picture of naked men is porn right? because it show a penis but according to Asia’s feminism logic the picture of naked men is not porn, they don’t care but the picture of sexy women is porn for them because it show many women in bikini  so they come to conclusion that this picture is sexist to women and degrading women only yeaah it’s like that, this kind of thinking is selfish. So this is whhyyy i don’t really like double standard from my society. Sadly most people agree with feminism think about porn.

Don’t take this in a wrong way i’m not antifeminism ,  i support both men and women’s rights too. There’s some opinion from feminism that i agree and not agree.

Like It and comment on it , i appreciate it


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