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No matter what people in majority said, I truly support Free The Nipple for equality (for topless equality to be specific). Women can choose topless at public if she wishes (and have courage) without get negative prejudice, and men can free their negative concept on women breast and see it in more natural positive way (not only view it in sexual way since at this time you can only see breast in porn) but can see it in normal way just like women see men’s chest (You still attracted to breast while women not attracted to men’s chest? No women not so scandalize when see men chest since men topless all the time but women still show attraction to shirtless men & if Ftn normalize you can still view breast beautiful but it become admiring women not ‘sex obsessed crazily’ anymore-like when the time you never see it publicly). So Free The Nipple is for women and men.

So here the photos show there really exist people from our movement who are purely for equality, and the one who agree feel free to share my article:


Asian with bra men- turntable time


Different skin Free The Nipple either black or white


Different age, different shape


Men and women censored nipple equally


Men and women Free The Nipple equally


It Possible if normalize, and we can get used to it !

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Hijab logic 2

I saw a news about Tunisia girl who support femen by publishing her topless photo , first of all i respect all women choice whether she wants to be topless or covered, i respect what Amina did because her opinion is women’s bodies should not always be treated as shame (which i agree), i also don’t see breast as sexual object . then i saw a tweet or comment on fb from hijab women that are very angry because of that act and also angry to femen movement, one of the tweet from one of them are ‘’the message of femen is not for women but men: i will be free to serve you better as an object of your mastubatory fantasies” ( hijab’s tweet ) , i don’t agree by this comment first because if men want to masturbate they can just watch porn not topless femen , even i don’t see topless women as an object but this hijab women generalized all men used women as object whenever men see sexy women which is fall analogy and also hijab women are hypocrsy for me , they forbid men to see even her hair whereas she feel free to see men bare chest, they enjoy men topless but get mad when women topless. Double Standard !

So i reply her tweet about why she have no problem to guy stripping but get problem when women do it, hypocrsy and then she immidiately reply “how stupid you’re men are not use as commodity like women” wait so she believe only women can be objectified? “men have privileges in this world one of them by using women” sound’s like childish person .sexist happened to both men and women, where is the prove always men are predators? You know what because for hijab women every things is offensive, look how they always forbid men to see even her hair ,arms etc. so when men see her hair “OH NO! Men see our hair ,he used us as commodity!” that’s how they perceive gender issues narrow minded hijab women . they got problem women topless, but it’s fine when they go to beach seeing men only using underwear and they said it’s not hypocrsy because only women that can be objectified so whatever hijab women do is innocent . yes that’s not hypocrsy but Super hypocrsy for me !

And then now Amina is in dangered because of her protest act because she live in Tunisia , yeah a Muslim society with peace and tolerance .that want to stoned that girl because of her freedom of speech! WTF! And all hijab women hate her like on this fb comment ”she’s not tunisian women anymore , she is european mind” . So hypocrsy hijab women started to intimidate her because of breast that all women have.

This is why i can’t take Muslim feminist seriously, i just Can’t !! Hijab women love to talks about even small thing that they think disadvantage them but act like nothing happens if they do a double standard . they believe that men and women topless at public is sexist but when women use body bags and men using only underwear at beach is equal for them ,Weird Right?

I’m Darknesspinokio or Crazyman , spread the message No to Hijab in other to make equal and balance world.

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Hijab Logic

So i live in a country where most people thinks it is sacred for women to wear hijab for covering their  bodies and not showing it, most people believe hijab is honor for women and women that use hijab means (in their opinion) they respect their body and should be respected. Their other reasons to use hijab is it can prevent women from being molested and rape,etc. Eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa STOPP!!! First of all about rape, so most of women choose to cover their hair, hand, feet and even face, and more extreme some use doubles or triple layer of clothes, because they believe it can prevent from being molested and rape ? WRONG!MOTHERFUCKER! rape is nothing to do with what women is wearing, there was a place that it is legal for women to bare chest or legal for men and women to get nude such as nude beach and never hear women being molested or raped, and women also can still get raped even if they already covered themself like in Pakistani or Aghan for example. So this women use hijab even in mall or swimming pool  to prevent from being molested ? WTF!  In a place where many family gather in there for fun on a sunny day and this hijab women still believe they will get rape there if they show their HAIR?

Then They said maybe it’s not about rape  but it’s honor for women to use hijab they respect their body, so they still use it to covered their body every time they went out,  in all places, from Monday to Sunday. Hmm I don’t get it, what honor? If it means respect why don’t men get covered too in other to respect their body? Why only women that should covered up like a tend everyday? even when they want to go to minimart that close to their house they need to covered up?  It simply sexist and nonsense.

Another excuse from women and men that are partaking in hijab is; women that choose not to wear hijab or even wear sexy clothes is immoral than the women that use hijab. SO i didn’t get it what the different that make women in hijab more respected than the one who choose not to wear it? There are many non-hijab women that are good too, the only different is one is covered and another are not, Only that nothing more! If you still think women not wearing hijab is immoral it is because when you was a kid you get strong doctrine from your society. Even men can see women’s boob without dirty mind just like women see bare chested men Example in some of Europe Country.

So i also read pro-hijab opinion it says ”like a pearl in the ocean,they covers it with beautiful shell (hijab)”  This is BULLSHIT. You know i’m men and sometimes think this hijabi women are simply selfish. This is hijab logic ; they don’t want men to see their body other than face or eyes . it’s forbidden for men to see other than that even if it only hair. if we(men) do, this women doesn’t like it, it can be count as sexist and accepted by society. but when the situation reverse they have rights to see men even bare chest or only wear an underwear in swimming pool or beach for example and it’s okay too in my society . I HATE IT, if we are equal why it’s disrespected for men to see women body whereas women can easily see men’s bodies  ? this is sexist,  and now i know how hijab women love this.

I know it’s their rights if they choose to wear it and i can’t control it. Yes You can use it as fashion but don’t be like robot okay? And for guys there that think they are Holyyy to shout at women to covered themself , Please STOP and CHANGE because without you’re realize you will think that women not wearing hijab is immoral when the reality is not. Also that WRONG analogy that unhijabi women deserve to get rape. Even when the women is naked men doesn’t have rights to rape.    I’m crazyman or darknesspinokio or WHATEVER you call.


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